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The Matrix of Western Culture: Perspectives on History, the Arts, and Ideas

by Arthur Wenk

Art, music, literature, philosophy, science, history: how do they all fit together?

The Matrix of Western Culture presents a framework for seeing the “big picture.” Imagine a grid with these cultural categories on one axis and time, marked in centuries, on the other. The interior of the matrix comprises a representative repertoire described in a series of brief, readable essays.

Well-read adults will, over the years, have encountered individual works in each of the categories that make up the matrix. Many readers will share my interest in organizing this knowledge into a coherent framework. The Matrix of Western Culture offers an accessible overview that one can keep in mind all at once.

Zen and the Art of Cyclology

by Nick Redfern

One hundred and one reflections on life from the saddle of a bicycle. Whether you’re a MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) haring around country lanes, or a gentle trundler who simply enjoys cycling for cycling’s sake, there’s a pithy selection in here that can be applied to your hobby, or to life in general.

Read with a wry smile on your face, and reflect on your own thoughts and experiences.

Philosophy: A Global Vision: A Guide to Learn and Teach Philosophy

by Domingo Antonio Rodriguez

This guide is based on the contents of Introduction to Philosophy, highlighting its fundamental features, the disciplines, the problems, the schools, movements, and great philosophers.

The book is ideal to learn and teach Philosophy because presents the thems in a methodical and systematic way.

It begins with the birth, where Philosophy as science (highlights a comparison with Metaphysics, and definitions of philosophers) and the origin of Philosophy (focusing on its natural traits, the historical context and etymology). After, the scientific of Philosophy is based on what study, on its methods and the philosophical concepts.

Continuing, the problems of Philosophy are the being, the gnoseological and the ethical aspect. In this order, the philosophical brands are Metaphysics, Ontology, Aesthetics, Teleology, Gnoseology, Epistemology, Logic, Ethics, Axiology and more.

Later, we will see the philosophical schools (Milesian, Eleatic, Academy, Lyceum, Stoic, Epicurean, and others) and the philosophical movements (Materialism, Skepticism, Rationalism, Empiricism, Idealism, Existentialism, Positivism, Nihilism, and others).

The great philosophers constitute history of Philosophy, which has five stages: Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Contemporary, and Postmodern.

There are two readings: “Reading Philosophy” and “The Allegory of the Cave”.

For every chapter is recommended to use this didactic method: Introduction, task, interaction, practice and summary.

Three metaphors of Plato Part2 (Japanese Edition)

by shogo kisaragi

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The Denizen Of Baku: a billion manats love!

by Nitesh Singh

Life is an enigma ; almost everyone lives life without getting into its greater depth, without understanding its esoteric indications ! Everything demands its cost, like a one sided love demanded self respect and an impossible task demanded sheer perseverance.From the depths of Caspian sea; and from summit of Alborz range comes the story of this great yet unknown leader who changed the destiny of his soil!

�galité Hommes-Femmes: Une �nigme à Briser (French Edition)

by Fousseni Togola

L’inégalité n’est jamais le sort d’un être, elle est toujours provoquée. La nature ne connait pas d’inégalité, d’injusticeâ?¯; l’inégalité n’est pas naturelle mais provoquée. Tout cela signifie que ces discriminations à l’égard des femmes ne relèvent pas de leur nature ou de leur constitution physiologique, mais plutôt d’une mentalité purement sexiste de la part des hommes.Ces traitements à l’égard des femmes constituent une violation grave à l’égard des droits internationaux et a priori des droits de l’homme. Lorsque nous parlons de droits, les catégorisations n’existent pas. Nous parlons de droits des hommes et non pas de celui des hommes (masculin). Or, les femmes font partes de la catégorie des hommes en tant qu’êtres raisonnables. Alors, refusez de leur reconnaitre ce statut, c’est les réduire au statut de la bestialité.Cependant, il convient de remettre les femmes dans leurs droits en les traitant sur les mêmes pieds d’égalité que les hommesâ?¯; en les laissant les mêmes chances de s’épanouir que les hommes. L’égalité de chance doit devenir une réalité.

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