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Amor y orgullo. (Spanish Edition)

by Rafael Romeo Medina Santiago

El amor es el miedo más grande del ser humano.

Seasons of Change: A Gift to You

by J.B. Frost

Speaking of life; “It’s all about the experiences” has long been a favorite line of mine from the “Grumpy Old Men” movie series.

I started out life as a wanderer, going through numerous foster homes, juvenile detention facilities, children’s home, etcâ?¦ so it seems only fitting that once released from that system, I had to keep moving, so I spent several years, hitchhiking all over America; eventually, visiting several jails and then prison.

From standing on the same freeway ramp (in 30 below temperatures) for 3 days without a ride, to sitting around a campfire at a place I’d never visit again, with people I’d never see again, to packing everything up at 2:00 in the morning, and just deciding to hitch over 3-4 states, the experiences that I have been through, are enough to fill the lives of several people.

I had spent most of my life, running away from life, but all the while, experiencing a life, which I wouldn’t trade for diamonds or gold.

I’ve loved many a woman, broken more than a few hearts; and have been the bane of disappointment, for many others. I’ve gone places that many won’t go, I’ve done things that many won’t consider; and all the while, I’m just absorbing the experiences.

I wanted to be a published poet, from the time I was 7 years old, but that dream nearly died when an old shrimp boat captain said to me “Don’t you realize that all famous poets, are dead”; and life settled in over the next few decades.

I am an imperfect man, but I am a man with enough dream and vision, to share. Poetry is an ageless language that allows the writer; and their readers, to peer through chronicled history, as exists in no other form.

Those who believe you shouldn’t mix politics with religion may find pieces of this book, hard to swallow. I write from my heart and my soul, my memories, my own experiences and my imaginations. This work chronicles many of the experiences I have been through, but so many of them are not unique to one person.

You may see yourself in some of my works; should you run across that moment, use it to remind yourself, that you’re not alone.

This book has a lot of my heart in, so please handle it with care.

Alguien (Spanish Edition)

by Lázara Ávila Fernández

Mi verso llega irreverente, como si nada me importase. Sin embargo, me importas tanto que he querido dejar sobre el lienzo tu imagen.
Mi verso llega como agua rota para purificar las distancias, y las promesas incumplidas.
Mi verso a veces mal interpretado llega voluptuoso cargado de noches sin más lunas que la sonrisa sombría de mi almohada
Mi verso es ese que no quieres escuchar, pero, que aguantas.
Mi verso llegaâ?¦

Te escribo (Spanish Edition)

by Lázara Ávila Fernández

“Te escribo” es un compendio de 20 poemas de amor de la autora Lázara Ávila Fernández. Ella ha dicho de este libro: “Estos son mis versos, majaderos, imperfectos. Brotados de algún lugar. Tormentosos, que le cantan al amor y al desamor. Son tal cual, sin cintas ni lazos. Solo eso, mis versos”.

Secrets and Whispers

by Steve Price

Just more thoughts from an ever exploring mind. Writing free’s me from my daily routine. I write from things I see, hear, think and snippets of information. My views may not agree with yours but we are all entitled to our own opinions.


by Tyanna Thompson

UNCENSORED is a collection of poetry that gives strength, empathy and encouragement for all walks of life. This small package of controversal topics will keep you on edge awhile inspiring you to do something to help your community starting with your own back yard.
Being that I was homeless while writing some of these poems, portions of proceeds will be given to the Writing For The Silent fundraiser. (
These funds will help the Homeless, LGBTQ, Domestic and Police Brutality Victims.
Thank you for your support and God Bless.

Love Notes From Humanity: The Lust, Love & Loss Collection

by Feminine Collective Media

It’s the complex chemistry of a blind heart and a dreamy mind.
This collection of poems takes the reader on a journey through the complexities of that simple four letter word.

The writers of these poems are award-winning Authors, Journalists, Bloggers and Activists, while others are previously unknown artists. The poems are a collective made from a global community. The authors are from Australia, Canada, Central America, The United Kingdom, The United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, South Africa and The United States.

Proceeds of Love Notes From Humanity, go to which helps provide vital support for suicide prevention.

The Poets:
Julie Anderson, SA Smith, John Michael Antonio, Jacqueline Cioffa, Richard De Fino, Nicole Lyons, Stephanie Ortez, Dori Owen, Dave Pacailler, Elizabeth Regen, Natasha Alexander, Ericka Arthur, Margret Avery, Paakhi Bhatnagar, Susan P. Blevins, Nan Byrne, Lela Casey, Natalie N.Caro, Rebecca Charlotte, Rachael Convery, Sandy Coomer, Kelley Cooper, Wendy C. Garfinkle, Megan Garner, Katherine Grudens, HastyWords, Darla Halyk, Clementine Heath, Tennessee Hill, F.K. Jadoon, H.M. Jones, Veronica Mattaboni, Peter M. Olsen, Jessica Rinker, Kim Sisto Robinson, Icess Fernandez Rojas, Brianna Scott, Tabitha Stirling, C. Streetlights, Rachel Thompson, Valerie Vaughn, Tiffani Burnett-Velez, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Vrenios, Catherine Zickgraf.

Mother’s Love

by Judy Kathleen Thompson


A Loving, Poetic Tribute,

Inspired By, And Dedicated To,

All Those Tenderhearted Mother And Child Unions,

Whose Everlasting Love,

Unwavering Devotion,

And Inspirational Kindheartedness,

Has So Eloquently Caressed My Soul,

Elevated My Spirit,

And Gently Soothed My Acquiescent Heart –

– With Love And Admiration,

Judy Kathleen Thompson

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