Free fiction Kindle books for 18 Aug 17

The Dorm

by Terri Friedlander

â??Every girl has that one guy she keeps going back to. And no one knows why. Not even her.’

Blair Palmer is in love.

Embarking on her first semester away from home, settling into life at the dorm, she meets senior Logan Mills. He’s everything she could want; smart, charming, forceful, possessive, a perfect gentleman who promises to keep her safe. Soon he separates her from her best friend – but it’s only because he wants her all to himself. Even though her friends claim otherwise, even though he forces Blair to turn her back on her imperfect family – she knows that it’s because he loves her. And she knows he’ll love her forever, even after he crushes her into someone no one ever thought she’d be. Because Logan would never hurt herâ?¦ right?

Blair’s friends are forced to become onlookers as she spirals downwards into a toxic relationship.

The Dorm is a coming-of-age novel about seduction, manipulation and betrayal. Will her family’s unconditional love be enough to save her?

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