Free historical fiction Kindle books for 18 Aug 17

Whispering Shadow

by Seoran Worg

In a land far away, in a land so different with our own, it is in a land where magic exists and alive.

For hundreds of years, Varr Empire is led by The Varr family. People believe they are half a God. And they are blessed with beauty and gift to control elements: Wind, Ice and Fire.

They are in decades of war with a neighboring nation, and now they are in peril, for their Empress is on the brink of death.

The Rebel – She is fierce Blessed Warrior, but she runs off with her rebel lover, eluding the empress army, and shirking her duty for love.

The child – She is a child who comes from far away land. Driven by her gift of sight she comes, bringing her little brother, and crossing the west sea to the land of Gods.

The Princess – Now is a turbulent time. With the Empress under the spell, the heavy burden of the empire is fallen to her shoulder.

One of them will wake up the empress.
This is journey of love and loss, a journey unraveling the past.

* The event in this book is 14 years after “The Prince’s Shadows”.
** This book can be read as standalone

VIKINGO: Una aventura de Vikingos, Hechiceras y otros seres mágicos en un mundo lleno de fantasía (BERSERKERS Y HECHICERAS nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Margotte Channing

Sigrid y Sköll se encuentran todas las noches, en sueños. Ella es curandera y hechicera, y él un guerrero berserker. Cuando por fin llega la paz, él vuelve a casa, con la necesidad de encontrarla. Es su andsfrende, la única mujer para él, la que aplacará su bestia interior.

Al volver al hogar, su hermano le presenta a su prometida, que no es otra que Sigrid. Sköll, furioso y dolido, concibe un plan, que cambiará la vida de los tres, y que la obligará a unirse a él. Pero ¿a qué precio?

Dreams from Nepal: The Emotional Story of a Twelve-Year-Old Nepali Boy

by Bikul Koirala

Captivating story of a young boy’s unique journey.

Twelve-year-old Ram was born and raised in a small village in Nepal. He’s destined to be a village farmer like his father, but he dreams of so much more. Then, a mysterious opportunity in the form of an olive-green Land Rover comes to whisk him away into a new life. Through dedicated service and the gift of education, Ram can become more than he ever thought possible.
As he transitions to adulthood, though, he begins to wonder if the path he’s on is the right one for him. A voice is telling him to “go home”, but he’s not sure where home is anymore. The choice he makes can alter the lives of everyone around him, but it’s up to him to find out what the right choice really is.
Dreams from Nepal is the emotional, powerful story of a twelve-year-old Nepali boy’s journey through faith, love, and unbreakable determination to live a better life.

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