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In order to find a cure for his dad, Peter plans to visit the Oak Island – the place where his father caught a strange paralysis two decades ago. The island is said to be cursed and to be the residence of an evil spirit. Accompanied by his family members (Mr. Brown, Mrs. Brown and Gracie) and few more companions (Dr. Edwin, Molly and Clark) he sets for the island. During the course of their stay on that island they face innumerable deathly attacks by some supernatural power and now, they have no hope of survival. Frustrated and helpless, they decide to fight back the evil spirit in an attempt to save their own skins. But the spirit is too powerful while they are mere bodies of bones and flesh. The only way they think to tackle the spirit is to find out the curse which had been bestowed upon it centuries ago and has been kept a secret since that age.
What curse had been laid upon the island? Whose shrieks do they hear ever since they planned for the trip? Will they be able to survive at that murderous place and tackle the evil spirit haunting it, or will the island end the chapters of their lives forever?
For answers, checkout the haunted pages of this cursed book��.

American Alchemy: Gold

by Oliver Altair

Is your soul worth its weight in gold?

California, 1849. Barton Saunders and his best friend Lewis arrive to Sacramento drunk with dreams of fortune. When an mysterious gold panner leads them to his secret creek, their dream of richness becomes closer than ever. But those murky waters carry not only gold, but madness, heartache and disease.

The call of the Gold Rush is strong. No hostile land or sacrifice will stop Barton from becoming the man he always wanted to be. Not even the ancient darkness lurking in the shadows of the West.

Will Barton escape the gold fields before his heart drowns forever in them?

Gothic horror meets the Old West in a tale of obsession, magic, and revenge. If you like Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado and Stephen King’s Wizard and Glass, you will love American Alchemy: Gold.

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Psychological Horror: Take Care of My Children (Psycho Stories)

by RC Patterson

The Psycho Stories Series features twisted little tales full of disturbed characters. They all have twist endings and are guaranteed to make your skin crawl!

#1 Take Care of My Children

My sister’s coming over.
My sister’s coming over to tell me something.
I hate my sister. I’d kill her if I could… and maybe I will.
But first, I have to take care of these animals.


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