Free humour Kindle books for 18 Aug 17

The Secrets of Charisma

by Danilo H. Gomes

Contrary to what many people say, being charismatic is not only a gift but also an acquiring skill. The overwhelming majority of people suffer because they feel limited by the shackles of shyness and introversion. Consequently they prove anonymity and feel constantly alone and forgotten.

With the help of “The Secret of Charisma” the reader will find simple and extremely effective tips for better socializing.

You will learn through this book:
– How to Use Mirroring Techniques
– The correct use of communication
– The power of gesticulation and how to use it
– The effectiveness of the look
– How not to overdo it?
And much more!

Have you ever wanted to be charismatic like that friend who is always in the spotlight? Do not be caught in the opinion that charisma is a gift given to a few. It is accessible to everyone who is willing to change. If you belong to this group that is willing to break the boundaries of the comfort zone to have a better social life, then take advantage of the valuable tips from this book.

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