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Easy and Delicious Bread Pudding Recipes: A super tasty, super easy dessert for any occasion

by Anthony Boundy

Do you love bread pudding? Do you want to make some new and creative types of bread pudding? Then this is the book for you! Packed with super easy bread pudding recipes, you are bound to find your new favorite type of bread pudding in here. You will also discover that bread pudding isn’t just for dessert! Try one of our breakfast bread pudding recipes like the Cranberry Bread Pudding Muffins or check out a great dinner bread pudding such as the Bacon, Cheddar, and Broccoli bread pudding. The best part is that they really are so easy to make with such delicious results! No automatic mixers or fancy equipment required, just get out a bowl, a whisk, and some bread and you will be ready to go! The only tough part will be figuring out which recipe you want to try first.

Thailand: Cities, Sights & Other Places You Need To Visit (Thailand, Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Samui, Nonthaburi, Pak Kret, Hat Yai Book 1)

by Writing Souls’ Travel Guides

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Cities, Sights & Other Places You Need To Visit

Thailand is officially called as the Kingdom of Thailand and was formerly known as Siam. It is located at the center of the
Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia. It has a total area of approximately 513,000 km2 (198,000 sq mi), it is the
world’s 50th-largest country and has around a population of 66 million making it the20th-most- populous country in the world.
The frontiers of Thailand includes Myanmar and Laos to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the east, the Gulf of Thailand
and Malaysia to the south, and the Andaman Sea and the southern extremity of Myanmar to the west. Its maritime
boundaries include Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand to the southeast, and Indonesia and India on the Andaman Sea to
the southwest.

In this book, you will find all the information you’re looking for about:

  • Thailand – the Land of Smiles
  • Bangkok
  • Chiang Mai
  • Pattaya
  • so much more !

When you download Thailand: Cities, Sights & Other Places You Need To Visit you will be well prepared to visit the country of your dreams ! Buy this book today!

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How to Analyze People: 2.0 How to Read Anyone Using Cognitive Conditioning & Personality Typing – Spot Influence & Persuasion Tactics of Others (Psychology Self-Help Book 8)

by Katherine Chambers

Imagine how different your life would be if you truly knew how to read the other people in your life.

Whether its assessing potential business clients, knowing what your colleagues are really thinking, or simply being able to read the true intentions of strangers on the street. You will gain such an advantage in life and get so much more from your relationships as a result. Especially when it comes to spotting potentially manipulative behavior. But most people aren’t equipped with the right cognitive assessment tools to do it.

Katherine Chambers is an Ex-Stanford Psychologist who specializes in all forms neuroscientific and psychotherapy subjects. However it wasn’t until she left college life and entered the â??real world’ did she start to understand these theoretical topics in a practical sense. One skill she has continued to perfect, is the art of analyzing people.

In this insightful and functional second edition to the series, Chambers gives readers a practical real life guide on how to:

  • Understand human cognitive conditioning and learning
  • Predict peoples actions through their habitual behavior
  • Identify the classic psychological motivators & needs which drive us all
  • Understand personality traits & the Myers-Briggs 4 letter typing model
  • Spot the six weapons of influence when you see them
  • Detect potentially manipulative and persuasive strategies
  • Use the “OODA Loop” thought processing cycle to get ahead of peoples thinking

â?¦ and much more.

How to Analyze People 2.0 is a mixture of theoretical principles combined with real life practical advice on how to read the behavior of anyone. The human analysis tools will help you get a leg-up in every interaction in your life, from business associates, family/friend relationships and everything in between.

Fry it Like a Pro: Delicious Air Fryer Recipes to Fry Best American Oil-Less Meals for Everyday Cooking

by Anthony Evans

More fried meals, you can’t even imagine! Not only French fries or BBQ chicken wings! This Air Fryer Cookbook contains top easy cooking recipes to fry, roast and grill delicious oil-free meals.

When you hear about Air Fryer you probably don’t think about English Tuna Sandwiches, Delicious Chicken Quesadillas or Apple Wedges with Cinnamon. But it sounds not crazy at all: with the help of this cookbook you will be able to prepare all these tasty meals. Moreover, Air Fryer Chef will help provide you main advantages of air fryer cooking.

The Fry Like a PRO Cookbook includes:

  • Most valuable meat, chicken, fish and vegetable recipes
  • Detailed nutritional information
  • Easy Oil-Free recipes to prepare delicious fried meals
  • Advantages of using the Air fryer
  • Cooking measurement conversion chart

Under the cover of this book you’ll find:

  • Breakfast Frittata
  • Fried Onion Rings
  • Shrimp Toasts
  • Crispy Beef Cubes
  • And more, more, more tasty and delicious fried meals

Go ahead and grab you valuable copy right away?

When Black Boys Are Left in the Dark

by Harry Saffold Jr

An autobiography that chronicles the trials and triumphs Harry Saffold Jr faced in his quest to enter the industry as a writer. After experiencing sexual abuse at age ten Saffold wrestled with self-esteem, being bullied, suicide and later embarked on a wild path that eventually landed him in prison for 12 1/2 years. Through spiritual development and persistence, Saffold went on to become a filmmaker, author, artist, and motivational speaker.

Dump Dinners: 30 Quick Dump Dinner Recipes For Each Day Of Month

by Naomi Burton

Dump Dinners

30 Quick Dump Dinner Recipes For Each Day Of Month

This is a collection of 31 Dump dinners for you to enjoy each and every day for a month. Dump dinners are basically simple, and easy to prepare meals using a slow cooker, crock pot, or casserole dish. Leaving this meal to cook for eight hours while you are at work, so when you come home from work you open the front door to the lovely aroma of your home cooked dump dinner ready and waiting for you and your family to enjoy.

I myself can think of nothing nicer than coming home from a hard long day at work to walk in the door to find that dinner is ready and waiting to be served. The best thing being that I didn’t have to come home and suffer through the prep work of putting an evening meal together. This great collection of wonderful dump dinners is going to make your life not only easier when it comes to preparing dinner, but you and your family are going to love these meals because they taste delicious!

It is hard for most of us that have to work outside the home, living a fast paced hectic lifestyle just trying to make ends meet. There is always something going on that we are rushing to or from. Especially if you have children they of course need to be fed, but also have to be taken to band practice, soccer practice, friend’s sleep over etc. Eventhough you deeply love your children there is days when you feel so drained of energy that you don’t feel like cooking the family meal. Well just with a little bit of planning before you got to work you can feel better in knowing a warm meal will be waiting for your children when they arrive home. Just follow the recipes for dump dinners in this book and help make your life that much easier for yourselfâ??remind yourself that you deserve a break today!

Clean Eating: 60 Amazingly Delicious Clean Eating Snack Recipes

by Jane Estrada

Clean Eating

Clean Eating: 60 Amazingly Delicious Clean Eating Snack Recipes

If you are someone that finds it hard to make yourself and loved ones healthy snacks, then this book will help guide you through some great healthy snack recipes. Often many of us want to eat healthier, but we end up becoming so overwhelmed in trying to figure out the right foods to buy. Even if we buy the right healthy foods many of us do not know of the top of our heads healthy snack recipes to whip up. If this sounds familiar then you will enjoy reading this book as it will offer you some healthy snack recipes that you can enjoy making with your loved ones.

Don’t get scared off by the many myths connected to healthy eating such as it is far too expensive to eat healthy foods or it take far too much time to prepare. Other myths that people believe that if a food is healthy then it probably doesn’t taste good, or eating healthy will make me feel like I am starving.

None of these myths are true. The recipes in this book will prove that to you. You will find that you can create healthy snacks for yourself and loved ones for the same amount of money that you would spend on unhealthy snacks or meals. Following this book you are going to be able to make healthy snacks within 2-15 minutes, depending on what you are preparing. The foods that you will prepare are not only going to be healthy, but they will taste great, and you will lose weight!

I will give you a selection of recipes that you can eat everyday that are designed to help you burn fat, promote lean muscle growth, increase your energy, and make you feel good! You are not only going to feel better once you start eating these foods, but you are going to look better as well. Many people have a struggle with weight loss, one of the biggest struggles they have are knowing what foods to eat and how to prepare healthy snacks with those foods. This book will help guide you with offering you clean eating snack recipes. If you prepare the snack recipes in this book on a regular basis I assure you that you will lose weight and feel greatâ??it is as simple as that.â??

Mexican Casseroles: 20 Low Carb Casserole Recipes That Will Amaze Your Family

by Rosalie Welch

Mexican Casseroles

20 Low Carb Casserole Recipes That Will Amaze Your Family

If you are looking to add some spice to your dinner table then you have come to the right place, in this book you will find a wonderful collection of easy to follow low carb casserole recipes with a Mexican flavor to them. If you are tired of eating and serving blah boring meals then these recipes are gonna help you to be the hero in the kitchen with your fans shouting for more! Your loved ones will be requesting that you cook these dishes they will love them so much! Treat yourself to some meals that taste great with quick and easy prep work that will have your family all singing your praises for the yummy spicy meal that you have provided for them. It is easy to get into the same old same old as we are creatures of habit, but it will do you good and your loved ones good to spice things up at the dinner table using this collection of Mexican casseroles to help you to achieve that new zing at meal time. Why not surprise yourself and your loved ones with trying out these low carb casserole recipes that are filled with spicy flavor that will make your tastebuds feel alive and everyone asking for more! These are also great dishes for those living on their ownâ??make a casserole and freeze the rest that will last you for a couple of mealsâ??cuts right down on the preparing a meal time and will cut back on you buying fast food because you don’t feel like preparing a meal from scratch. Well now you can go home and pop some low carb casserole in the microwave and you will be eating a good healthy home prepared meal in the comfort of your own peaceful home instead of a crowded fast food restaurant!

Tiny Homes: Build your Tiny Home, Live Off Grid in your Tiny house today, become a minamilist and travel in your micro shelter! With Floor plans

by Jim Gears

Learn How To Build and Live in a Tiny Home!

Do you want to Live in a Tiny Home, Build your own and become a minamilist?

Learn What a Tiny House is and the benefits you can have by living in one.

With Floor plans!

You Will Learn The Following:

  • The Basics of a Tiny Home
  • The Benefits
  • Is a Tiny Home for You
  • How to live in a Tiny Home
  • Tiny Home floor plans
  • Much Much More!

Whether you just want to learn more about Tiny Homes or already understand them and want extra help picking out the the perfect tony house for yourself, this book is for you.

So don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity by buying this tiny home guide with floor plans now.

You will be shocked by how much you can learn about tiny homes and living off grid.

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EVERYDAY LOW CARB FAMILY STYLE COOKBOOK: Easy, Real Food Keto and Low Carb Recipes (Rosie’s Recipes Book 2)

by Rosie McGreggor

If you eat low carb and are looking for fast and easy low carb recipes or fast easy keto recipes, this book is for you! These low carb recipes were all adapted with the busy family in mind. Over 55 easy, low carb recipes are included for easy low carb breakfasts, easy low carb skillet meals, easy low carb casseroles, easy low carb side dishes and easy low carb desserts. All of the recipes use normal ingredients you can easily find in most grocery stores. Nutritional estimates for each recipe will help those tracking their carbs and other important macros (for the keto folks).

Rosie is a housewife who needed to lose weight for her health, so she decided to low carb. Many of the recipes Rosie found when she was starting out were just too complicated for everyday meals and she realized even if she found the time to make this sort of food, her family wouldn’t eat it! She did not want to make separate meals for herself and her family. Instead of giving up, Rosie decided to adapt the normal, everyday meals she was already serving to her family into tasty and easy low carb recipes.

Friends and family suggested she share her “real people” easy low carb recipes, so she started writing them down to share with you!

Gastric Bypass Cookbook: 100+ Quick and Easy Recipes for stage 1 and 2 After Gastric Bypass Surgery (Gastric Bypass Diet, Gastric Bypass Recipes)

by John Carter

Give Your Body What It Needs After Gastric Bypass Surgery!

Making a choice to undergo a gastric bypass operation is a big step, and while the surgery may be scary on its own, the hard part comes after you get back on regular food

If you return to your old eating habits, you run the risk of causing yourself pain and gaining more weight. So you need to learn what you can eat. This book is here to give you that ability

Throughout this book, you will discover many recipes that are perfect options for people who have undergone gastric bypass surgery and will be loved by the entire family. You won’t have to get bored with you meal options. You will find:

  • Breakfast
  • Main dishes
  • Snacks
  • Desserts
  • And much more!
  • There’s no need to feel hungry all the time, and you don’t have to eat the same foods every single day. Get this book, and never have to worry about what you’re going to eat!

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Carb Cycling: Unleash Your Bodyâ??s Maximal Potential to Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle Mass While Staying Lean (Including Recipes, Carb Cycling Diet, Ketogenic … Muscle While Burning Fat, Healthy Body)

by Jonathan Nixon

Carb Cycling: Unleash Your Body’s Maximal Potential to Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle Mass While Staying Lean

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just FREE. Regularly priced at $3.99.

There are a lot of people out there who are struggling to lose weight and build lean muscle. When we say, “struggling” we mean you start a diet, lose some weight, your weight loss plateaus, and you get disappointed and quit.
Before you know it, you have ripped through a series of diets and nothing seems to work. Part of the problem is that most people don’t have the right information regarding how a proper diet works.
Many people would rather look for quick tricks to melt belly fatâ?¦
Or unique exercises that promise to shred fat and give you unlimited muscle growthâ?¦
Or exotic herbs, pills, and powders that promise to turn you into a Greek godâ?¦

Sorry, guys. Those hacks and shortcuts just don’t work. That’s why you won’t find that BS in this book. In this book, “Carb Cycling: Unleash Your Body’s Maximal Potential to Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle Mass While Staying Lean,” you will learn about how to achieve your diet and fitness goals in a simple and hassle-free way.
The reality is that most health and fitness authors tend to give people the impression that getting the body of your dreams is complicated. It is not. Once you understand and start applying a few physiological principles linked to nutrition and exercise, you will see tremendous changes. That’s already 80% of the job done. The rest is just staying patient and persistent in following through your program.

In this book, we are going to shed some light on one of the most effective ways to lose body fat and build muscle at the same time. You may have heard of carb cycling or maybe you haven’t. Don’t worry. We are going to teach you the fundamentals so that you first know what you are getting into.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What exactly is Carb Cycling?
  • How Does Carb Cycling Work?
  • Benefits of Carb Cycling
  • How to Implement Carb Cycling
  • Carb Cycling for Fat Loss and Muscle Building
  • Meal Plan and Carb Cycling Recipes
  • Tips for Effective Carb Cycling
  • Much, much

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EMPATH: Practical Guide To Discover Your True Empath Types, Understand, Embrace and Glow with Your Special Gift (Empath Series Book 1)

by Maya Bennett


Practical Guide To Discover Your True Empath Types, Understand, Embrace and Glow with Your Special Gift

Have you been fascinated by the concept of the empath, especially as recently used by real people to describe themselves?

Have you ever wondered, “What in the (real) world is an empath?” or perhaps even, “Am I an empath?”

This book provides a balanced, practical, no-nonsense look at the immensely popular and equally fascinating concepts of empathy and the empath

You will no longer be ignorant and understand all of the different definitions, explanations, and indications associated with the term and understand some of the related scientific theories.

From definition to disambiguation to “diagnosis” to daily practice, Empath: Practical Guide To Discover Your True Empath Types, Understand, Embrace and Glow with Your Special Gift is your one-stop reference for current thought circling around human empathy and the concept of an empath.

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This book provides an in-depth discussion of empathy in all its various aspects and levels ranging from the well-founded to the fantastic.

What you will learn in Empath: Practical Guide To Discover Your True Empath Types, Understand, Embrace and Glow with Your Special Gift

  • You will learn what all about Empath and its related scientific theories.
  • You will learn what is highly sensitive person’s characteristics
  • You will learn how to determine your True Empath Types through quizzes
  • You will explore the journey of Empath and their inner challenges
  • You will learn nuggets of tips to embrace your Empath gift
  • You will learn how to activate and start glowing with your new found gift
  • And many more..

This Baby Names: The Complete Guide To Choose Meaningful Baby Names Get the Perfect Name For Your Precious Baby is your must have first guide to explore and get the perfect name for your little one.

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