Free parenting and families Kindle books for 18 Aug 17

When the Passion Fades: How to Get You and Your Spouse Attracted to Each Other Again (Growing in Love for Life Series Book 8)

by Liam Naden

Are you and/or your spouse simply not attracted to each other any more?
Has your spouse said to you the fateful words, “I love you, but I’m just not in love with you any more.”?
Are you worried that your spouse doesn’t seem to find you attractive any more – and that they might go and find someone else?

One of the major causes of marriage breakups is a loss off attraction between husband and wife. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

In this book, marriage and relationships coach will show you just how simple it is to get the sparks of passion flying again in your marriage or relationship.

– the 3 ways to rebuild attraction – instantly and permanently
– what sexual attraction REALLY is and how to create it in virtually anyone
– the real reasons why you or your spouse are no longer attracted to each other – and what to do about it
– how to get your spouse attracted to you again – even if they have fallen for someone else

and much more.

Don’t let the lack of attraction destroy your marriage and your relationship. Apply the simple yet powerful techniques in this book and get the sizzle back. It’s easier than you think.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Help Your Child Learn to Connect to the World

by Benjamin Reilly

Receiving a diagnosis of Autism can be devastating to some parents, but others take it positively. It is a relief for them to know what exactly their child is going through and how to help them. A diagnosis of Autism can be very depressing and upsetting for parents, nonetheless it is very important as it can help parents learn about different interventions and treatments to help their autistic child connect with the world.

If your child has been recently diagnosed with Autism, then this eBook is meant for you. The eBook is aimed at helping parents of children with Autism to understand autism and give them a clear picture of what they can do to support their autistic child with different behavior.

Being a parent of an autistic child can be very challenging. Once in a while, you will lose your cool and yell, or say things that later you wish you did not say. That is common, natural, and quite expected. Nonetheless, it is significant for you to understand that you are an important person in your child’s life and they may be more comfortable with you than anyone else in this world. Do not let your child get lost in the diagnosis because only you can help them.

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