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Smart Alecks and Magicians: Bonus Content Inside!

by E.A. Beauregard

Jack, Sally, Dave, and Jill are some of the most Smart-Alecky kids you’ll ever meet. They never srudy for tests, they act like there better off being adults, etc.

So when a magician comes, they get there wish.




CRP W SNAP BACKPHOTO E edition 2016 Vol.1 157 photographers


Under the theme of SNAP BACKPHOTO,
By PHOTOGRAPER who are participating
in FaceBook and instagram
Anthology is a digital photo collection .

A person or a landscape , or personally to interpret ,
is the result of the way to shoot from the back side .
Take a person from behind ,
the same scenery that the person is looking at ,
photographers will be seen .
Even if not see the face , it would be Why can imagine the look .

Back is the eloquence , the truth is what or have been
hidden in the back rather than the front .
Recent , hard to snap photos taken with ,
such as portrait rights , and some exercise
and enjoy the photos said that anyone can take to
at the Once was from the back side .


#snapbackphoto #crp #alaoyokogi #tokyo #japan

Audition Secrets: How to Determine Your Acting Type, Impress Casting Agents and Book More TV, Film and Theater Jobs (Acting, Acting for the Camera, Acting … Film, Meisner, Auditioning, Acting Agent)

by Israel Savage


Audition Secrets: How to Determine Your Type and Book More Jobs

Fast Forward Your Acting Career

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device! You don’t need a Kindle or app to download and read on Amazon.

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Imagine if you knew what casting directors thought about YOU? Do you think that would give you an advantage in the audition room? Of course it would. This book contains proven step by step strategies describing how to determine your Type. You’ll finally know what casting directors are thinking about you and book more jobs. While it’s easy to look at others and get a sense of their natural Type, doing the same for ourselves can be a daunting task. Where do you even start? We’ll coach you from beginning to end, helping you determine your Type and work smarter and not harder.

Here’s a preview of what you will learnâ?¦

  • What is Acting Type
  • How to determine your Type
  • Accepting your Type
  • Why actors resist their Type
  • How to capitalize on your Type to book more work

Make sure to download your copy today and take advantage of the discount!
Remember, knowing your type will help you make the most of your two minutes in the audition room! Make sure it showcases you at your best.

What others say about Audition Secrets – How to Determine Your Type:

“I wish I had taken the time to determine my type 20 years ago. This book will save you time and money and fast forward your acting career.” – Jason

“Knowing my type, I came to my photo shoot feeling inspired, confident in myself, and empowered as an actor. The result was the best set of photos that I’ve ever had taken professionally.” – Christine

“I learned how important knowing my goals and type are to the success of my audition.” – Kathy

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