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Live to Tell: A Self Managing Child Slave Survivor of Pol Pot’s Regime (True Story, Killing Fields, South East Asia History, Khmer Story, Khmer Rouge Genocide, Pol Pot Genocide, Cambodia History)

by Sonita Zainal

Live to Tell is a gripping testimony from Sonita Zainal of bone true facts and emotional recollections – showing the world how even when only a young girl, from age five; for four years, with amazing grit and determination. She endured and survived the horrendous Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia – eventually escaping through jungle infested landmines to United Nations refugee camps in Thailand.

After losing her beloved father when only six years old and already a victim of opportunistic abuse, Sonita became a child slave in a zone of barbaric atrocities – constantly putting herself in danger; with determination and initiative, to avoid starvation. To enable her survival, she developed a stay alive against all odds attitude, relying only on her own personal initiative. So, Sonita quickly became an adult minded, responsible kid – without a natural childhood; she only remembers two playthings, one she would rather have done without.

The writer has presented shocking and unbelievable, yet unfortunately, true stories of victims and survivors of that barbaric and misguided regime; showing herself to be deeply empathetic to those – particularly women – who were themselves young at that time, and now live everyday with haunting memories of their traumatic experiences – often, the loss of innocent loved ones. She has returned a number of times; of which she writes, to connect and research with survivors and family members in her birth and neighbouring countries.

Sonita expresses her sadness to see, decades later, so many of those survivors still living in poverty – often on their own; having had husbands murdered by that regime, or now separated from enforced marriage to Khmer Rouge men. They just struggle on with determination to survive, making the best of their lives for themselves and any children they may have, who often are helping their mothers or aunties to the best of their abilities.

The writer shows how deeply touched she is when seeing, or meeting, desperate children scrounging for food items; or even more so, older ones, striving committedly with focused determination and initiative, to improve their own or family living conditions and life prospects. Which, as she states, reminds her so poignantly of her own survival endeavours, when in similar circumstances, at the same age span – so powerfully written about.

Sonita writes to clearly show how she thought and reacted, in those continually dangerous and unstable childhood years – being always mindful to not overstate with knowledge that she did not have at the time; if not having detailed memory of an event, always mentions so, when complementing her story with later adult knowledge and insight. The book is not just a sequence of stories of events, but is impregnated with profound reflected understanding of behaviours and inspirational teaching, giving it worthy credit of being a meritorious literature.

It is cleverly written, in the manner of the author’s child mind at the time of events portrayed – she is even able to show some fun and humour; as a child may naturally seek to express – even in appalling circumstances. Sonita impresses with her candid honesty, giving stark exposure of dreadful life situations that most of us from secure backgrounds, would find hard to imagine. She inspires as an admirable example of the fortitude of destitute children, showing determination to never give up in any adverse situation.

Readers are sure to be captivated and enthralled by this book; finding it hard to put down until read. Those who have had a difficult childhood, will find an understanding, compassionate and inspiring friend.

Dwight Eisenhower: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Dwight D. Eisenhower

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World War II hero Dwight D. Eisenhower had never voted in his life before he decided to run for the office of president. From the humblest of beginnings as the third of seven sons born to a struggling Kansas couple, he emerged as a military leader whose administrative acumen brought clashing personalities together. During his time in office, he was frequently dismissed as a man who would rather play golf than govern, but history has treated the thirty-fourth president with a respect that recognizes the strength of his leadership and the breadth of his accomplishments.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Eisenhower, West Point Graduate
â?? Eisenhower Advances
â?? Eisenhower in Charge
â?? The Post-War Eisenhower
â?? From Commander to Candidate
â?? President Eisenhower
And much more!

The Eisenhower years are regarded as one of the most tranquil periods in American history, and yet he presided over a nation which saw the growth of the civil rights movement, the creation of a national system of highways, the end of the McCarthy anti-communist witch hunts, the advent of the Cold War and the quest for space. From the roads across the country to the terrain above the skies, Dwight Eisenhower, the last American president born in the nineteenth century, laid the groundwork for modern America.

zu fett zum …: Als ich noch nicht abgenommen hatte, fühlte ich mich (German Edition)

by Hope Vania Greene

Mit 143 kg bei 1,70 m KörpergröÃ?e fiel mir als 29-jährige Frau der Alltag nicht gerade leicht. Egal ob es sich um das eigentlich so selbstverständliche Beine-Ã?bereinander-Schlagen im Wartezimmer beim Arzt, die tägliche Körperhygiene in Form einer Dusche oder das Passieren eines Supermarkts handelte – alles erschien mir als schwere Zumutung.

Ich hasste die Blicke anderer Leute, hasste es, dass Normalgewichtige Dinge konnten, die ich nicht einmal im Ansatz schaffte. Vor allem aber hasste ich mich selbst.


Damals hatte ich eigentlich schon jede Hoffnung über Bord geworfen, jemals wieder von dem enormen Gewicht runterzukommen. Glücklicherweise ist es mir dann aber doch noch gelungen. – Es gilt also, niemals die Hoffnung zu verlieren. Es ist nie zu spät. Alles hat seine Zeit.


Die folgenden drei Texte schrieb ich, als es mir körperlich und seelisch schlecht ging. Ich habe sie nicht entschärft, sondern genauso gelassen, wie ich sie früher niedergeschrieben habe, sozusagen als ein Zeugnis der Zeit. Heutzutage – mehr als 60 kg leichter – bin ich selbst erschrocken, wie schwer das Gewicht tatsächlich auf mir lastete. In jeder Hinsicht.

Zuguterletzt ist da noch die Geschichte eines Kleidungskaufs, der eigentlich gar nicht stattgefunden hat, weil nichts da war, was man hätte kaufen können.

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