Free fantasy Kindle books for 19 Aug 17

The Soul of A Vampire: Book 1

by Rachel E Rice

When Zoey Miller was kidnapped as a young child, she never expected to meet the man whose family stole her innocence. After years of trying to remember that harrowing time she finally realized that the nightmare she tried to remember faded away.
All she wanted to be was a normal twenty-one year old and go out to a bar with her girlfriend, but life isn’t what you want it to be it just is. On that night her girlfriend died and Zoey ended up in a coma.

When she woke, it was three months later, and standing before her a handsome pale stranger who refused to answer her questions.

All Sebastian Vesper wanted was to keep Zoey safe and prevent her from finding out about him, and especially his family, who wants her dead. He soon discovers that keeping Zoey safe is not so easy, especially with a bounty on her head by a witch who is in love with him, and a brother who wants to put a stake in his heart.

Three Great Lies

by Vanessa MacLellan

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: ” A strong conclusion sets this light fantasy a notch above its peers.”
While vacationing in Egypt. . .
Jeannette Walker, a cynical scientist jaded by swarms of tour groups and knick-knack shacks, is lured by a teenage tour guide to visit a newly discovered tomb. No other tourists there! Inside the chamber, she tumbles down a shaft and 3000 years back in time.

Now, in a world where deities walk the streets and prophecy stinks up the air, Jeannette is desperate for normal and the simple pleasures of sanitation and refrigeration. However, a slave master hawking a cat-headed girl derails her homebound mission, and JeannetteĆ¢??penniless in this ancient worldĆ¢??steals the girl, bringing down the tireless fury of the slaver.

Saddled with a newly awakened mummy and the cat-headed girl, Jeannette, through her unparalleled experience gained from watching spy movies, contrives a plan to free them from the slaver’s ire, but will she have to dive into the belly of the beast to succeed?

My second self

by Camilla Chesterton

The guards at the gate sighed, bored out of their minds as the night shift continued on, like it always did. The night air was warm as spring came on and relaxed them, all they truly wished to do at this point was go home and sleep. But they had at least another hour before they could do exactly that. As if their thoughts were the same the two ninja sighed at the same time, and laughed as they realized what they had done. “I’ll keep watch, why don’t you relax for a bit. We’ll switch in half an hour,” one of them offered and the other nodded. Already closing his eyes to sleep.

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