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The Unlikely Suitor: An Amish Romance

by Angelica Rose

An unlikely answer to a desperate prayer.

Beth Wittmer is a dedicated woman of rock-solid principles. Unfortunately, those principles haven’t always been met with appreciation within the Amish community she calls home.
Standing by a friend in need, when all surrounding voices opposed her judgement, caused a rift between her and the communityâ??and the family farm now pays the price. So, when a Hollywood executive asks her to host film star Brandon Price while he does research for his new film, the promised financial returns feel like an answer to a prayer.
But the spoiled star soon has Beth wondering if her decision to play hostess was a worthwhile endeavor. Can Beth teach this shallow man that there’s more to life than image, money and fame? Or will it be Brandon teaching Beth a few life lessons of his own?

Mini Distractionz

by Pugh

After being incarcerated for over a decade, Runny Clem, better known as Mini Size, is released back into society.

A few false starts later, a discouraged Mini once again finds himself being enticed by the life of a hustler, which comes with both quick money and worldly womenâ?? the very things that had led to his previous downfalls.

Will he be able to remain focused this time, or will he once again fall victim to his long list of Mini Distractionz?


by Polly Aldridge

A low, hoarse wind blew through the barren trees and tossed the girl’s long hair up. She squeezed her eyes shut and sucked in a deep breath of the cool air to calm herself.

Loving A Texan

by EA Hunt

Matthew Callan never expected to find a beautiful pregnant woman at his ancestral home nor did he expected to be so drawn to her that he wanted to protect her with all that was in him.

When Ellie Jordan had found shelter from the rainstorm raging outside she never expected her shelter to place her in the path of Matthew Callan and never did she expect to be drawn to the handsome cowboy.

Can Matt and Ellie find love or will a person from Matt’s past tear them apart?

Caller of Bones: A Curse the Stars Novel

by Logan Keys

During the magical war, Raven’s held captive by a mad witch at the edge of the Dark Wood. When she steals an illegal magic the evil wizard is searching for, a hunt for this young dreamer of bones begins.
“If you like books like The Bone Witch and Truthwitch give his one a read!” Dislexic Reader
“This is a great start to a fantasy series: witches and wizards, pirates and dragons. It reminds me of the fantasy films of my childhood, such as The Neverending Story and the Princess Bride.Five Stars from The Book Curmudgeon
“A must read! I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds!” Amazon Reviewer
“Evokes the imagery of Mists of Avalon and the crushing defeatism of magical slavery with the hope of revenge.” Brad Horner Top Goodreads Reviewer
“Captivating!” Ash Book Reviews
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Everyone pays for the past

by Bridget Clifford

You walk into the shop and stand in line behind a group of teenage girls dressed as slutty nurses and devils. Despite the cold and stony exterior everyone says you have, you feel a small smile come to your face as you watch the barista hard at work behind the counter.

Safeguarded: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

by Piper Sullivan

I’m supposed to keep her safe. I’m gonna take advantage of her instead.


I can’t want her. She’s my best friend’s daughter.
But she’s all grown up and more temptation than a man like me can resist.
With our enemies after her, her Mob Boss father places his precious princess under my care.
I was supposed to protect her, not seduce her. I was supposed to be able to keep my distance.
But one starry night Fiona was determined to show me that she was all womanâ?¦and hell if I could stop what was happening between us.
And I don’t want to stop.


He’s my dad’s best friend and right hand man. A stone-cold gangster. And the man I want for my own.

But Keane still sees me as a sheltered little girl. So when my life is threatened by a rival Irish gang and I need his protection, I knew it was my only shot to show him just how grown up I was.
While on the run, Keane and I share a night that would change our relationship forever.

I just hoped it was a change that could last forever.

Author’s Promise: A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance with a HEA ending. Bonus content is included for your reading pleasure.

The Unexpected: An Mpreg Romance

by Louise Bourgeois

Love is hard when there are three hearts involved â?? and for Alex, Neal, and Desmond, it’s about to get even harder.
When the trio finds out omega Neal is pregnant with alpha Alex’s child, Desmond can’t help feeling like a third wheel. Meanwhile, Neal’s changing hormones are making him anxious about the changes ahead.
As tensions rise among the three lovers, old grievances and new resentments threaten to eclipse the joy of their growing family.
Will their happy home fall apart at the seams, or can Desmond serve as the thread that holds it all together?

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The Journey of Valuable Freedom

by Justin Bosworth

Cringing inwardly, Raphael entered the still lair. His home was way too quiet these days, stiflingly so.

My Werewolf Professor: Belonging to Alessandro Moretti: Billionaire New Adult BBW College Shifter Romance

by Marian Tee

What I knew about Alessandro Moretti: he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen, he’s the most mysterious, sought-after professor in my university, and he’s not the type to fall in love with me, his plainest-looking student.

What I didn’t know about Alessandro Moretti: he’s a werewolfâ?¦and he may just want me, too.

18-year-old Kassia has decided to confess her love for Professor Alessandro Moretti. She knows she’s likely to be dumped, but instead the professor offers herâ?¦a bet?

Alessandro Moretti has always found Kassia, his extremely shy student, oddly attractive. When she confesses her feelings, he’s unable to help himself. For him, it’s all a game. After all, Alessandro knows from experience that nothing good can ever happen between a werewolf and a human, especially when one of them is as cynical about love as him.

This is a short werewolf romance with a happy-for-now ending.

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