Free horror Kindle books for 19 Aug 17

Daniel:Black Luck (Tales of the Executioners)

by Joleene Naylor

Short Story. Not for children. The ninth in the Tales of the Executioners collection, about the vampires in the elite “police force”. Daniel and Kateesha are tasked with apprehending a murderous vampire, but all work and no play makes Kateesha bored. When she lures Daniel into neglecting their duty, he can guess his future: failure isn’t something The Guild takes lightly.

Before You Wake: Three Horrors

by Adam Nevill

A trilogy of horror tales selected from the award-winning writer’s second full collection – HASTY FOR THE DARK – featuring more of the nightmarish visions and ghastly creatures that have been disturbing readers for years. In this book you’ll find three stories of occult and demoniac horror.

No blackmail is as ghastly as extortion from angels.
A swift reckoning often travels in handheld luggage.
No sign of life aboard an abandoned freighter, but what is left below deck tells a strange story.

Praise for Adam Nevill’s debut collection, Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors:

“Nothing is sacred, nothing is safe, and goodness me, if you like horror fiction you’re going to absolutely love every damn minute.” Pop Mythology

“Beautifully crafted, original and complete works.” This is Horror

“An outstanding anthology of career spanning short stories.” Gingernuts of Horror

Praise for Adam Nevill’s horror novels:

“Adam Nevill is a spine-chiller in the classic tradition, a writer who draws you in from the world of the familiar, eases you into the world of terror, and then locks the door behind you.” Michael Koryta, NYT Bestselling author

“He has the rare ability to craft a nebulous atmosphere of terror, as well as to capture cinematic slasherpunk in the written word. Both are incredibly rare talents.” Pornokitsch

“The sense of dread is immediate, with the reader’s sense of foreboding increasing with every new page.” Irish Examiner

“Readers will lose all hope of peaceful, undisturbed sleep. Highly recommended.” Library Journal – Starred Review

“Nevill’s talent for horror resonates ominously in every scene, almost as if the theme from Jaws echoes when a page is turned.” Kirkus

The Last City: Plus Unhinged Compilation

by Logan Keys

Fight. Survive. Live. Repeat.
Sixteen-year-old Liza’s a prisoner of the new world order called Authority. Her only hope of leaving the island prison is simple: you die. But what if she gets better? What if she’s suddenly stronger, faster, impossibly so? When offered a second chance at life, but also an opportunity to strike back at the people who stole it from her in the first place, Liza has a deadly choice to make. 

Tommy is a teen soldier who’s barely in control of the monster the Underground put inside of him. When he’s told that he has to fight the Authority, he’s sure he’s on the side of justice. They are the good guys, right? But maybe not, and how can Tommy continue to risk it all for a cause that might be evil?

After the world ended, it was only the beginning of the struggle to survive. And the struggle is real. 

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Now, The Last City includes a bonus feature and collection of short stories added to this first novel in The Last City series. Unhinged: horror short story compilation included in this version.

Soldiers’ Redemption (First Cohort Book 1)

by M. R. Anthony

The land is torn – the savage Duke Warmont sends his armies to murder his rebellious people. The soldiers of the First Cohort have lived through it all – two hundred years of fighting for a man they despise. Their captain, Tyrus Charing, knows that something has to change. His men grow tired of eternal bloodshed.

There is hope for them – a saviour has come and she needs good soldiers in order to overthrow the Duke.

As the First Cohort try to pay for the sins of their past, they discover they’ve taken on far more than they could have imagined. The Duke does not care how many die, so long as he stays in power. Amongst his generals are sorcerers of great power, and an inhuman brute of callous evil, all of whom are eager to face Charing on the battlefield.

Soldiers’ Redemption is a dark fantasy epic, about strength, loyalty and an unwavering determination to beat the odds.

The Portal in the Forest

by Matt Dymerski

From the author of Psychosis, Matt Dymerski, comes a new reality-bending tale of horror and adventure.


This neighborhood has a secret – while the adults work multiple jobs to make ends meet, the children trade around strange trinkets and famous books with odd misprints. It seems that, without supervision, they’ve gotten into something extremely dangerous: another universe.

One adult is not working. One adult notices. One adult discovers their secret – a portal a few miles deep in Virginia woodlands; a portal that goes to a new universe each day. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore, certainly, but there are two problems: the destinations are all dead worlds that have suffered unique and terrible apocalypsesâ?¦ and the portal is getting bigger.

The Amorphous Horror: A Morbid Tale #2 (The Morbid Tales)

by Zachery Miller

Laura sits for a while and listens to Grandpa Kallembach’s stories of Nazi Germany. His tale recounts his struggle for freedom and, finally, of how he got away. The ending only confirms Laura’s suspicions: Grandpa is going mad. But as he ends his strange tale, there is another tale that will become Laura’s to tell.

Ouija Board: Part I

by J. Gardner

Four school friends, bored at school decided to play a Ouija Board game – but was it a game? When one of the participants is found dead, miles from home – her face ripped to shreds and another is sectioned in a psychiatric institution, the girls begin to wonder if they had been playing a game or opened up a portal to hell as event begin to spiral outside of their control. A trail of gruesome deaths and hauntings follow the girls as they begin to fear for their lives not knowing who to trust. Does the boy who befriends them mean to help or does he have his own dark, ulterior motives? And are the events linked to a greater evil that happened over a hundred years before?

Time is running out for the girls as they try to cope with the horror that threatens to overwhelm them – not all will survive the forces unleashed by the Ouija Board – not all will want to …

Moira: Story of a blind, deaf and dumb girl

by Rajan Schrenick

The messengers of death were not able to carry out their task in the face of a resolutely defiant subject. They can operate only when the victim loses his will power and withdraws his resistance. Time would work against her, they knew. They waited until she became hazy.

She felt an uncanny presence behind her. A tall man fully covered from head to toe in a hooded white robe stood behind her. This man did not belong to the band of invaders, she knew, as he did not emerge out of the crowd. Unlike the assailants, he was showing his face that gave a rather friendly impression. She gave a short look into his eyes asking some question and immediately turned her gaze on to the robbers, as she could not afford to let them out of sight. He conveyed to her through his injecting eyes that he would stand by her in her difficult hour. In order to clear ambiguity in her situation she cast another cursory look at him: he was just the shadow of a man that could be a member of the gang. However, Samantha was inclined to believe otherwise.
“Who are they?” she asked him gently.
“This is the army of the God of death.
“Do they want to kill me?”
“No. They do not kill. They only extract the dismal souls out of their ailing bodies and send them to the merciful God for cleansing and regeneration.
“But I don’t want to go. My daughter is alone.”
“Don’t worry. You need to be ready for the process before they can act upon you.”
“How do they accomplish their job?”
“Invariably, as the death-men wait for the candidate to be ready, their assistants work in bringing the person-to-die in a state of delusion. First, they switch off the faculties of reminiscence of the pleasures of life that one has and push him into a state of gloom. There they keep him immersed until all traces of comfort and harmony disappear. They talk to him unceasingly, allowing him no time to analyse the gist of the matter thus communicated. The person receives messages and suggestions from all corners without being able to make sense out of it. Some remind him of all the miseries of his life that he had been suffering all along and the futility of life, whereas others lure him into the kingdom of the world beyond, laying emphasis upon the fact that the entire
awareness of one’s body and life is nothing but a misconception. They constantly suggest that the reality lies in passing away by submitting to them. Naturally, the person on the verge of death counteracts, and makes his best efforts to contend with all such suggestions. The invaders twist his soul and by a sudden jerk split it into two, one part of which they capture. This way they succeed in creating an utter confusion in his mind. The person finally resigns and loses grip on his stand. Soon after that, the death-men play their roll and extract the second part of his soul out of his body and the transition occurs,” the shadow lectured.

Samantha falls to this reality and passes away into the other world. However, her compulsion to remain with her daughter is inescapable. She builds a bridge between the two realities and pendles up and down until Moira is forced to leave her body.


by Clifford James Hayes

Fed by the immutable power of the jewels buried beneath the Smoking Mountains, Grímurfang reigns supreme.

For centuries, the ice dragon has tormented the Viking settlers in the land of ice and fire. They endure merciless pain and suffering without end, as his ísdrekar kin assail their homesteads and prevent their escape.

But from the heart of the mountains comes a hope unforeseen. ískló, Grímurfang’s son, is taken by stealth and raised among the settlers. Can the young ísdreki defeat his father, or will Grímurfang extend his dominion over land and sea?

Set in the dark years after Ragnarok, this is the saga of the rebellion against the Lord of Snowdrakes, and all that came to pass.


by Wick Welker

In one hour the streets will stream with the once departed. In two hours the buildings will burst with white-collar workers learning the feel of human teeth in their skin. In four hours the National Guard will retreat as the bridges crumble. In six hours we will lose New York and in eight, our humanity. A small family fights through skyscrapers and schools to find one another as a family friend enlists in a classified military unit led by a commander with a guilty secret. A wayward researcher becomes entangled in the mystery of Medora, North Dakota as a default President fights off a modern age of imperialism. As policemen flee from children and mothers brandish hacksaws, the country’s fate will depend on the civil war between man and the dead. Welcome to Medora, population zero and spreading.

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