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Fertility: 3 Common Fertility Myths and 7 Ways to Get You Pregnant Faster (How to Boost Your Chances of Pregnancy with Diet and Supplements)

by Alex King

Are these 3 fertility myths holding you back on your path to pregnancy?

– The primary causes of infertility and what to do about them.
– Why maternal age doesn’t matter as much as you might think.
– Common infertility causes in men.
– How to prepare your body before conception.
– Easy lifestyle hacks to improve your baby’s health.
– How to boost your chances of pregnancy with diet and supplements.

Chapter 1: Three Most Popular Myths About Fertility
Chapter 2: What Causes Infertility?
Chapter 3: Seven Tips That Can Get You Pregnant Faster
Chapter 4: What Are Various Options for You?

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The Covert Narcissist

by Audrey Davies

This book is an in-depth exploration into the issues surrounding non physical domestic violence. The author explains:
“In the end I felt scared, worthless and frightened. During our marriage my husband would have uncontrollable rages over an accident, a mistake or an opinion. I would always try to reason with him, I’d argue or say sorry. I tried every strategy I could think of and I never gave up hope. I was always trying to get back the man I’d fallen in love with, but he never did come back.”
“It has taken many years for me to realise that I was the victim of abuse. I was caught in a situation that I thought I could fix, but this was not a relationship of mutuality, negotiation, compromise and give and take. It was not a relationship where both parties have empathy. It was not about love, but power and control.”
“I was a young beautiful happy woman with everything to live for, I fell for my prince charming who was perfect in every way, but after many years of insidious emotional and psychological abuse I finally realised I was married to a narcissist, and I found the courage to walk away.”
This book is for those stuck in a relationship like this, the author is now training to become a psychotherapist and explore the issues around hope, deciding when to end a relationship and what constitutes abuse.
This is a book about one woman’s experience, on knowing what to do when you lose faith in your own judgement. Covering popular themes of the silent treatment, cognitive dissonance, the idealize, devalue and discard phase among many more.
This is a story of one woman’s strength and courage, to finally find the power within to break free.

Manual de Supervivencia en la Escuela: (Para Padres e Hijos) Ante la violencia y el acoso escolar. (Spanish Edition)

by Magí Beltrán

Casi sin que nos hayamos dado cuenta, la violencia se ha instalado en las aulas. Los colegios e institutos, públicos o privados, se han convertido en “zonas de combate” tanto para alumnos como para profesores. Nadie quiere reconocerlo, las autoridades educativas lo niegan, pero desde que comenzó el milenio la situación de la enseñanza no deja de degradarse y hoy, en la práctica, los colegios han abandonado su función educativa para reducirse a ser meros centros de almacenamiento de los alumnos mientras los padres no están en casa. Con este Manual pretendemos simplemente alertar sobre la situación y dar unas primeras indicaciones sobre el origen del problema, su alcance, sus distintos aspectos y cómo reaccionar.

My First 100 Action Words : Flash Book Version.

by Isabelle Jeanna

My First 100 Action Words.

In this book, you will find 100 beautiful photo of many objects. Each page with big, bold labels printed under the photo and big 1 photo per page makes the learning process easier, a perfect book for babies and toddlers.


by Brian Johnson

An autobiographical tale of an incident that took place during the author’s childhood. One sunny day, way back in the early 1960’s, three friends venture out to innocently watch the railway trains go by. The author, for one at least, has been affected to this date by how that day panned out. The question still remains; how can the punishment fit the crime if no crime has been committed?
NOTE: This story is included in the book (published in Dec 2012) titled “Chicken Lababdar:and eight other stories’, which is an otherwise entirely fictional compilation.

LOVERS UNMASKED: The Neuroscience, Psychology and Spirituality Behind Intimate Abuse

by J. R. Jesse


This book came about as a result of what happened to my sister several years ago. I’m ashamed to say that when I witnessed some inappropriate behavior from her husband, I didn’t like it, but I didn’t see it for what it was. And since I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t do anything except change the subject. I know better now.

I am a man writing about what I saw a man do although I understand that women can abuse and deceive their partners, too. This book contains the results of thousands of hours of research, conversation and observation into the nature of what befell my sister. I put what I found into 21 masks (personas) that an abusive person may use to carry their out their con. The closer the relationship, the better the mask has to be.

The questions I attempt to answer in this book include:

– Why do good people get targeted by evil people?
– How do predators use masks to pursue and test their prey?
– Where does psychopathy leave off and possession come in?
– What do men need to know to protect their daughters, sisters and mothers?


Human predators are not easy to spot until you get a handle on how contradictory they are. Appearances are a big part of their game and if you don’t know what to look for, it can go right past you. So is emotional manipulation. Looking back, we all see how our sister was enticed through specific deceits until she was captured.

The poison that is put into the mind of the prey by the predator is an important part in the overall equation. It is not just that the prey is removed from their assets, contacts and resources, they are also poisoned mentally and spiritually. To expose this and to fight against it is to enter perhaps the most dangerous arena in the world.

At this point, it is my conviction that men can play a unique role in ending the plague of intimate abuse. At core, abusers and predators are cowards. They do not want to be exposed. In our case, an unexpected event and a show of force (mental, physical and spiritual) got the job done.

We are never too educated or too old to become more discerning. There are dangerous people in the world, and to the untrained eye, the most dangerous seldom look that way, they usually look fantastic.

LOVERS UNMASKED ebook categories:

– HEALTH & FITNESS > Women’s Health
– HEALTH & FITNESS > Healthy Living
– PARENTING & RELATIONSHIPS > Conflict Resolution
– FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS > Marriage & Long Term Relationships
– FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS > Abuse > Domestic Partner Abuse
– RELIGION > Christian Life > Relationships
– RELIGION > Christian Life > Spiritual Growth

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