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Gol: A Legends of Ansu fantasy (The Legends of Ansu Book 1)

by J.W. Webb

A Doomed Continent Where Two Lovers Struggle To Survive

When a vengeful sorcerer unleashes a Fire Demon to destroy his rivals, he sets off a chain of events that will eventually destroy Gol, a war-torn continent at the other side of the world. Unaware that time is running out Gol’s scheming barons overthrow their king and strive to seize control, unleashing a bloody civil war. Two young lovers find themselves caught in the web of murder, treachery, and sword and sorcery threatening to destroy their existence.

Lissane, a baron’s daughter and Erun Cade, a commoner, plan to flee Gol before its foretold ruin. However, the Baron already has plans for his daughter and sends his brutal sons to deal with her lover. Gol mingles, mystery, myths, and legends with gritty action and snappy dialogue, woven to an epic tapestry of dark fantasy.

Absolution: A Post-Apocalyptic Action Thriller (Blood Runners Book 1)

by George S. Mahaffey Jr.

At nineteen, Marisol never thought she would be a tracker of humans.

In this post-apocalyptic world where justice is determined by a system of Absolution, Marisol steps up to do her duty. She hates everything that Absolution stands for, but there’s nothing she can do about it. Nothing, that is, until one of her Runners turns out to be the key to uncovering a vast conspiracy that threatens to topple the dictator of New Chicago and change their lives forever.

Absolution: A system of law in which young men and women, “Runners,” are paid bounties, or blood money, to become suspects in crimes committed by the wealthy. The way they are proven innocent? Evade, escape, and survive their hunters.

“BLOOD RUNNERS: ABSOLUTION is the grittier, bastard spawn of THE HUNGER GAMES and WOOL, a noir-tinged, post-apocalyptic thriller that focuses on Marisol and Elias, members of a brutal new system of law enforcement who struggle to survive after uncovering a secret that threatens the power structure in New Chicago. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.”

— Mark KRATTER, Producer Emergence Entertainment

A Seppukarian Universe Spin-off Series.

The Roses of Mobile (Return to Seven Sisters Book 1)

by M.L. Bullock

Carrie Jo receives a gift she never expectedâ??Seven Sisters. The dream catcher and her handsome husband, Ashland, quickly discover that the past is alive and well and that ghosts roam the halls of the restored plantation home. Unfamiliar ghosts. As Carrie Jo begins to dream about the past, she “meets” Lafonda Delarosa, a young woman with a curious mind but an uncertain future, and her beautiful brother, Jonatan. When CJ learns that tragedy awaits the Delarosa family, she tries to come to Lafonda’s aid but makes a mistake that will cost herâ??or someoneâ??dearly.

The Roses of Mobile is Book 1 of the Return to Seven Sisters series.

Seven Sisters series
Seven Sisters
Moonlight Falls on Seven Sisters
Shadows Stir at Seven Sisters
The Stars that Fell
The Stars We Walked Upon
The Sun Rises Over Seven Sisters

Idlewood Series
The Ghosts of Idlewood
Dreams of Idlewood
The Whispering Saint
The Haunted Child

The Feel of a Whisper: a Horror Novelette

by D.L. Drake

Tragedy strikes the neighborhood when a child is killed in an accident. The shock waves are strong enough to ruin relationships among the neighbors. Years later, something is coming that could threaten so much more than just relationships. It threatens to rip children from parents, the sane from their sanity, the living from their lives. How can the neighbors survive when the only hope to stop it died years ago.

It Came in With the Cold

by D. L. Drake

Short Horror Fiction

Chris always had a plan. What can he do when thrust into a situation where there is no planning? Now, Chris must find his way out of his own home while freezing, hungry, and possibly being hunted.

The Witching Hour Strikes Midnight

by Harold Bloemer

Cassandra Exodus and James McAllister were once madly in love. As two of the most powerful sorcerers of the modern era, they founded a secret school where young witches, wizards, vampires, werewolves, and other magical creatures could hone and control their unpredictable, deadly powers. But a slowly evolving difference in philosophy has turned these two former lovers into bitter adversaries. Cassandra and James will have to learn to coexist, however, if they are to overcome an existential threat that threatens to swallow their world in shadow: paranormal genocide.

After a slew of deadly witch-on-human attacks, the United States has started a policy of incarcerating all unregistered magical creatures. And those who refuse to cooperate are promptly hunted down and executed by an army of highly-advanced robots called Paranormal X-Terminators. Can Cassandra and James cast aside their virulent animosity and work as a team to save their fellow witches and wizards from extinction? Or will their destructive relationship lead to the annihilation of all magical creaturesâ?¦ and perhaps the entire world?

Clocking in at well over 1,000 pages, The Witching Hour Strikes Midnight is a sprawling, global epic that spans decades. Prepare to enter a world of magic, menace, and chaos. This is the electrifying tale of a world, and a timeless, magical romance, on the verge of catastrophic collapse.

Nature’s Master (The Nature Mage Series Book 4)

by Duncan Pile

In this, the fourth and final instalment of the Nature Mage Series:

The Quest to Pell has left Gaspi and his friends in terrible shape – Sabu has been fatally poisoned and Emmy mentally devastated by the final confrontation with the Darkman. Jonn is living undercover in Helioport’s criminal underworld, waiting for his chance to rescue Adela from a life of slavery and fear, but little does he know how close he is to being discovered. All of humanity is in grave peril, and our heroes must gather themselves swiftly if they are to survive the inevitable confrontation with the renegade, Shirukai Sestin and their ultimate foe; the Dark God, Ak-Thakis. Sestin’s lieutenant, Ferast, is raising an army of mercenaries to bring to his Master’s service, while Baard leads thousands of ogres across half the continent to fight in Helioport’s defence. Great forces are moving, preparing to collide in a final epic battle. Will Gaspi and his friends win out, or will the Dark God emerge triumphant onto the living plane, plunging the world into an era of desolation and darkness?

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