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WATCH ME BLEED (DI Frank Miller Series Book 4)

by John Carson

A high-flying young lawyer is murdered in her own home. The killer takes her body with him, but leaves behind a photo of her corpse.

A retired judge dies of a massive stroke. A surgeon’s wife goes missing. Another female is murdered, her corpse taken away and a photo left behind for the police to find. They are all connected…but how?

A Priest has the answer…but he can’t reveal it.

Miller and his team fight against the odds to track down a killer who has no intention of stopping and who has a knack for hiding in plain sight…



OLD SCHOOL – short story

Outlaw With A Badge (The Frank Palmer series Book 3)

by Stephen Wilson

The past always comes back to haunt youâ?¦

Frank Palmer, a former outlaw now going by the alias Mark Cross, is striving to transform his reputation.

Once part of the infamous Colter gang, he’s trying to put his life on the run behind him for both himself and his son, Chance.

The town of Redemption offered Palmer the chance to rebuild his reputation. With a little ranch of his own and some land, Palmer is content and Chance is safe.

Yet Palmer’s past reputation isn’t entirely unknown.

The aging sheriff of Redemption, Sheriff Townsend, recognises Palmer from his outlaw days but promises to stay silent if Palmer puts his gun at the service of the law.

But it would seem that someone besides Sheriff Townsend knows of Palmer’s past.

A string of robberies mimicking the Colter gang’s modus operandi, rekindles Palmer’s past. But if the Colter gang are not responsible, they who is trying to frame them and why?

Things take a turn for the worse when a letter arrives, written on the back of Palmer’s old wanted poster, threatening to expose the former outlaw unless he rides to Sacramento.

With his son in jeopardy, Palmer has no choice but to follow the instructions. But carrying the Redemption town’s deputy badge gives him no jurisdiction in Sacramento and he soon finds himself in mortal danger.

Can he use some of his old tricks to survive?

Time is fast running out. Everything could go up in flames at any minuteâ?¦

Outlaw With A Badge is the latest instalment in Stephen Wilson’s thrilling Frank Palmer series, carrying on from Redemption and The Hunt for Frank Palmer.

Praise for Stephen Wilson

“A classic wild west adventure series” – Tom Kasey, bestselling author of Trade Off.

Stephen Wilson is an American author who writes in both the mystery and western genres. He has won awards for his screenplays, which have been presented by the Writer’s Workshop program at the American Film Institute, and his mystery The White River Killer was developed as part of the Summer Words program at the Aspen Institute. Alongside writing, Stephen also works in marketing and advertising.

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