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Very Simple Shawl: Easy Vintage Knitting Pattern

by Starshop Vintage

Very Simple Shawl is a pattern for a triangle-shaped crocheted shawl.

The Greatness Inside You Awaits

by Financial Education

The truth is we all have Greatness inside us. In this motivational book I go into detail about some very personal stories in my life and tell you the life lessons I leaned from those. See this book is not just a motivational book but also a self help and life skills book. There is a fundamental flaw in the current state of motivational books out there and it is the one line off quotes. Those motivational quotes stick with you for about a second and then leave you. I hope these stores I tell about my life in this book “The Greatness Inside You Awaits” will help motivate you for years to come!

Alexa: The Ultimate guide to using your personal assistant to the fullest (Amazon Echo Look, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo)

by Matt Morris


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The Ultimate guide to using your personal assistant to the fullest (Amazon Echo Look, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo)

Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon. It learns from the instructions you give and it can be used in various spheres of life by providing different information when asked, making to-do lists, setting alarms and so on. Alexa comes with a host of onboard features. The Skills API that allows anyone to develop new features for the software means it is also compatible with an ever-growing array of devices and services, making it even more helpful in organizing and streamlining your daily life.For many users, Alexa has been the perfect personal assistant, always ready to answer your questions and carry out your commands.
The information included in this book will give you an introduction to Alexa and all of its associated devices, including the new Amazon Look and Amazon Show.

This book will cover the following topics:

  • Setting up your device and customizing the settings to best suit your lifestyle
  • Amazon Echo Look and Show
  • Style Check
  • The most helpful on-board features of Alexa
  • Helpful Tips

Bringing Alexa into your home can simplify many of the things you do throughout the day. The Echo and all its variants are affordable ways to get started on setting up a smart home. The knowledge in this book will make sure you’re taking full advantage of everything these incredible devices have to offer.

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Mountain Man Chili and Other Dutch Oven Camping Recipes for Your Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

by Barry Hinton

Are you unable to think up camping meal ideas that your family will love? Are you cringing at the thought of all the mess you’ll have to deal with in preparing a meal outdoors? You’ll find no better way to overcome such obstacles than to prepare an all-in-one meal in a Dutch oven.

From nourishing breakfasts to delicious desserts, you’ll find some good inspiration in this recipe collection. Don’t be afraid to add or subtract ingredients according to your own tastes. The sky’s the limit when it comes to Dutch oven cooking!

Les Misérables (Titan Illustrated Classics): With Audiobook Link

by Victor Hugo

An epic novel of nineteenth-century France, Les Miserables tells the story of Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who works to redeem his past. Popularized by the film and musical, the novel is a sweeping masterpiece of character, adventure and emotion.

Aquaponics: Beginnerâ??s Guide for Water Farming(aquaponic gardening,aquaponics system,aquaponic farming,aquaponic systems,aquaculture,aquaponics made easy,aquaponics kit,aquaponic food production)

by Sam Anderson

What Is Aquaponics

Aquaponics is essentially the combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics. Both aquaculture and hydroponics have some down sides, hydroponics requires expensive nutrients to feed the plants, and also requires periodic flushing of the systems which can lead to waste disposal issues. Re-circulating aquaculture needs to have excess nutrients removed from the system, normally this means that a percentage of the water is removed, generally on a daily basis.

This nutrient rich water then needs to be disposed of and replaced with clean fresh water. While re-circulating aquaculture and hydroponics are both very efficient methods of producing fish and vegetables, when we look at combining the two, these negative aspects are turned into positives. The positive aspects of both aquaculture and hydroponics are retained and the negative aspects no longer exist. Aquaponics can be as simple or as complex as you’d like to make it, the simple system pictured above is made from one IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container). The top was cut off and turned upside down to become a growbed for the plants. Water is pumped up from the fish tank into the growbed. The water trickles down through the media, past the roots of the plants before draining back into the fish tank.

The plants extract the water and nutrients they need to grow, cleaning the water for the fish. There are bacteria that live on the surface of the growbed media. These bacteria convert ammonia wastes from the fish into nitrates that can be used by the plants. The conversion of ammonia into nitrates is often termed “the nitrogen cycle“.

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Money Management System For The Young Adult: How To Get Out Of Debt, Save Money And Live Stress Free

by David Wolfle

If you want to learn how to get out of debt and maintain a debt free lifestyle, then this book is for you !!
If you’re like most college graduates these days, you are probably saddled with a lot of debt. So much so that debt has
probably become such a normal way of lif that you barley notice it’s there and you can’t imagine that it will ever go away.
The good news is it can !
This book will show you exactly how to get out of debt and continue to live a DEBT FREE lifestyle no matter your current
level of income or how much debt you have today. This book presents some of the basic financial concepts that are essential
to people in their 20s and 30s

The Money Phenomenon: A Concise Introduction To What Money Is

by Louis Russell

Between October 5th, 2007 and March 2nd, 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had plummeted from 14,066.01 to 6,626.94â??a free-fall of nearly fifty-three percent. In a span of less than two years, tens of trillions of dollars in American assets were suddenly â??incinerated’. How did all that money simply disappear? The answer does not lie in understanding the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, but involves coming to a basic understanding of the web of assumptions that underlies our monetary technology.

Although the invention of fiat currency has dissolved numerous difficulties that arose from the use of precious metals in exchange, the way in which capitalist culture has incorporated paper money into its mode of life has led to a perpetual dependency on over-extensions of credit and a maximal emphasis on the value of commodities in immediate exchange. The Money Phenomenon both urges thinkers to devise canons of economic analysis that will account for a holistic perspective of value and time and provides possibilities for philosophers, economists, and technologists to develop decentralized, individualized solutions to fundamental problems.

Master Your Why: Every business has a story. Turn your story into customers.

by Colby Walker

Every business owner has a story. You started your business for a purpose. Once you understand that purpose you’ll be able to easily attract the type of customer that wants to spend money on your business.

Master Your Why to start turning your story into customers.

KNOWING YOUR WHY is an evolution. It is also the single most important aspect of your business. Knowing it will allow you to pivot your life and your business to align them with your ideal buyer.

We help business owners KNOW THEIR WHY to increase results through:
– Public Relations / Press
– Marketing / Advertising
– Digital Marketing / Website / Social Media
– Content Marketing / Blogging

Showcasing and sharing your business becomes second nature.

Use our PROVEN method to rediscover why you started your business. We all became entrepreneurs for a purpose.

When you MASTER your purpose – YOUR WHY – solving problems and answering questions will become easier. Your reason for starting your business matters and affects all aspects of your business. Without UNDERSTANDING your why – you will never find the success or freedom you sought at the beginning.

Each section is delivered in three parts: Example, Explanation, and Execution.

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