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Find Your Passion: 8 Ways To Find The True Passion In Life (Meditation, Visualisation, Self-Confidence, Self-Love, Purpose, Joy, Visualization Techniques, Self Hypnosis)

by Kristina Geiman

Discover Eight Different Ways In Which You Can Work Towards Finding Your True Passion In Life!

Nobody is instantly born into this world knowing what it is that they are meant to do. Nobody grows up and has an epiphany at the age of 14, knowing exactly what their life’s purpose is, and the road they have to take. Finding your passion in life takes time, and it takes a lot of self-discovery too.

If you’ve picked up this book, the chances are that you’re feeling stuck in that metaphorical rut that we all fall into from time to time. This is normal, and nothing to be alarmed about, provided you can pull yourself out of it. Life is too short to spend in a rut! One of the best ways to drag yourself out of that funk is by finding your true passion, your true life’s meaning, and heading down the path you were always supposed to travel!

You’re happier when you’re doing things you enjoy, this is a simple fact, so why not identify what those things are and spend more time doing them?

If you’re drawing a blank on what it is that makes your passion barometer tick, this book is for you! We’re going to talk about eight different ways in which you can work towards finding your true passion in life. When you find your passion and your meaning, you find your power, and that is when life will truly begin.

You need this book.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Visualisation And Meditation
  • Question Yourself
  • The Importance Of Enjoyment Over Money
  • Identify What You Hate Doing, and Stop Doing it
  • It’s Good to Talk
  • Think Like a Child
  • Stop Looking For an Epiphany
  • From Small Acorns, Trees Grow

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