Free reference Kindle books for 20 Aug 17

250 Story Prompts from Newspaper Headlines: Ideas for your first book of short stories (Vol 1)

by Shyamala Shanmugasundaram

Have you always been pressed for time to generate story ideas? Are you looking for story prompts to sustain your daily writing habit?
Whether you want a submission for a magazine, an anthology or publish your own bunch of short stories, this book is guaranteed to give you story ideas.
The key to polishing your writing skills is to write every day. With this book, you will have no excuse to skip your daily writing.
The 250 story prompts in this eBook are a mix of happy, sad, funny and tragic newspaper headlines. The headlines are sure to grab your attention and trigger some creativity to churn out stories. The book will also help you identify genres you enjoy writing and pave a way for your future books.

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