Free science fiction Kindle books for 20 Aug 17

Humanity is left to the horizon

by Ryan Enderson

I lift my head to see my brother walk into the lab and snatch some random graphing sheets to make it seem like I was doing something productive instead of moping about a girl. A human girl.

Darkness prevailed

by Xavier Freeman

I do not know how we were able to break though the lines of the enemy.

Search died alive buried

by Ryan Enderson

My brother had dragged me to this place a few weeks ago and announced that we would be crashing here until further notice before taking off and only coming to check up on me
every couple of daysâ?¦that was until recently.

My freedom

by Millicent Austin

The saying of ‘live life to the fullest’ was a hypocritical one. Yes, it means to not hold back and have no regrets, but it also holds you down. Say for example, one wanted to be the Hokage, he didn’t want regrets, so he became it. And suddenly, instead of living, the entire world was weighing him down, having to constantly fix a broken world.

Cunning fox

by Gloria Green

“Two from two very different livesâ?¦they will come together because of similar needs. Their homes need heroesâ?¦these two will have to answer the call,” said a soft, feminine

voice as two screens that ignored the boundaries of time and space flickered in the dark room.
The screen on the right showed a young child, about three years of age, with unusual spiky orange hair, and warm brown eyes. The boy was clutching what appeared to be his mother’s hand firmly as they dodged fellow pedestrians on a crowded city street.

The Last Starship from 51 Pegasi D

by Ronald D. Ferguson

The Last Starship from 51 Pegasi D–Going home is not an option.

When planetary revolt and the collapsing interstellar Empire threaten to isolate three million colonists on Chrysaor of the 51Pegasi system, thin resources can provide only a few vessels for loyalist to return to the safety of the Emperor’s Law on Earth. As a result, not all who want to escape will be able to go home. The SS Atvadis will be the last starship to leave Chrysaor.

Against this backdrop, the soon-to-be-ex governor fights to quell the ambition of a rebellious local general, who happens to be his ex-wife. The twenty-five year old exiled cousin of the Emperor unwillingly inherits the command of the local navy base when higher ranking personnel evacuate. And someone seeks to influence the outcome by activating a seventy-eight year-old sleeper assassin.    The paths of these competitors intersect while awaiting the imminent departure of The Last Starship from 51 Pegasi D.

BONUS: Three previously published short stories:    
Philosophy–You need more than luck to survive an interplanetary war. You need philosophy.

His Brother was an Only Child–Nothing like the comfort of close family in difficult times.

Hire Education–Behind on your student loan? Don’t let them repossess your education.

Genre: Science Fiction.
Electronic-Length: about 32 thousand words.
  Cover Design and Layout by Patty Jansen

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