Free science Kindle books for 20 Aug 17

Transitioning from Emotional Overeating to Clean Eating for Weight Loss

by Enya Robinson

A dynamic 27-page article where you will learn about the known causes, and rarely discussed reasons for emotional overeating. You will read about the common treatments, what you should do and what you should not do. Reading this expert piece will teach how to replace old behaviors with better choices and get back in control of your life with clean eating and weight loss management. The author has over 30 years’ experience in the clinical environment of self-improvement and personal success and is grateful to have the opportunity to share her expertise.

Mathematics for the Physical Sciences

by Leslie Copley

Introduction to and use of complex analysis and algebraic techniques to understand the solution of boundary value problems. Physics examples serve to introduce the fundamental partial differential equations and “special functions” of mathematical physics. A thorough analysis of Green’s functions leads to a discussion of integral equations. Supplementary topics include dispersion relations and rational function approximation.

Beekeeping: Building Your Backyard Beekeeping Business

by Alex Warner

An additional guide to several important aspects of the bee business

Join the author on a journey to keeping bees successfully and preventing disaster by getting the correct information about keeping bees. This guide will help you to understand the following:

Common bee diseases and what to do about them.

Colony illnesses and where they can come from.

Tips for harvesting honey.

Effective ways to manage manpower and machinery in the beekeeper business.

Alternatives for nectar and pollen.

Sting treatments.

And much more!

Curious yet? Then don’t wait and start reading to make your bee business a success and a reality.

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