Free advice and self-help Kindle books for 21 Aug 17

Autumn Leaves: Vintage 1970s Crochet Shawl Pattern

by Starshop Vintage

Autumn Leaves Shawl is pattern for a triangle-shaped crocheted shawl with a fringe.

Heart Heart Shawl: Vintage 1970s Crochet Wedding Bridal Pattern

by Starshop Vintage

Heart Heart Shawl is pattern for a triangle-shaped crocheted shawl with a fringe.

Framed, But Not Forgotten

by Michael McManus

“Death is the one appointment to which you can never be late. It is sometimes untimely, often accidental, more often sad and always irreversible. Some people fear death, others stare it down like a conquerable adversary, while a few welcome it as the gateway to a better existence. Death is either an alternative or a result, but could never be a prime contender in one’s list of things to do. Some die heroically, some as cowards, but most of us just do it apathetically as our final rite of passage. Death is a personal sort of thing, unless it happens at the hand of another.” This is a quote from Philip Crisp, the accused.

Framed is a story about a man coming to terms with more than one tragedy. A widower for two and a half years, he is close to being convicted of a murder. Left to his own defenses, he would probably end up a prisoner of himself and the state for the rest of his life, but when two women and a girl come to his defenses, he decides to stand and fight. Fight for his life and his future.

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