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Interior design Garlands by own hands (Extended edition): Magic, interior and space saving

by Sarah M. Connor

Interior design
Garlands by own hands

(Extended edition)
Magic, interior and space saving

This is an extended edition of the book about garlands. In it you will see more ideas for crafts by your own hands
In this book, we turn to interior design with garlands.
Garlands are one of the most popular types of Christmas decorations. Someone gets them only on the eve of the holidays, and someone in their daily life finds them use.

Garlands look beautiful and unusual, wherever you hang them. This is one of the best design ideas in order to give your bedroom a romantic and dreamy look. The flexibility of garlands will allow you to beat all the variety of styles. You can create really creative pictures. Use garlands to create the illusion of the headboard, make shimmering draperies, wrap them around twigs, snags and place an accent on the wall above the bed. You can decorate them with walls in the bedroom – then they will not shine in the face. Well, a holiday, because it is associated with him garlands.

Paper garlands
Garland of fabric and thread
We create from improvised means
Thematic decorations
New Year’s and Christmas
For a children’s holiday

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