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Empty Nesters

by Kathy King

To many, the American dream is owning their own home with a white picket fence. It includes raising children, spending time with family, and providing a better life and more opportunities then they, themselves ever had. Throughout realizing this dream transpires great stories and teachable moments. Then before you know it, the kids have flown the coop and the parents become “Empty Nesters”.

Empty Nesters is a collation of great stories and teachable moments through the lens of a middle age Mom using her “lighter side”. It also brings to the foreground lifestyle changes, challenges, and joys many middle-aged people experience.

It was written by Kathy King, who lived every day of her life to the fullest, positively impacted every person she met, and left this world a better place than she found it.

Mutual Combat Mutual Respect (Mutual Combat/Mutual Respect Book 1)

by Clarence Lewis

A young man (Emmanuel Harris) born in San Francisco during the beginning of the crack epidemic looks back over his life. He discovered from his birth to adulthood his environment had attempted to destroy him. But his grandmother and caring teacher give him another opportunity at life. Now, he’s trying to save the next generation from living through the same war he lived through.

Mother Teresa: Get Inspired by Real Heroes

by Debra Williams

If ever there was a beacon of humility in the badlands of human suffering it was best exemplified in the the selfless Catholic nun, Mother Teresa.

Born to Albanian parents in the Ottoman empire, Mother Teresa traveled to Ireland and joined the Sisters of Loreto order as a teenager with the intention of dedicating herself to missionary work. Claiming to belong to the whole world irrespective of her skin color, she traveled to India and began teaching in school. It was the large heart of Mother Teresa which allowed her to vividly express the empathetic nature of her savior, wherein every poor person she helped could be likened to touching the heart of Jesus.

This faithful service saw the expansion of her Missionaries of Charity congregation across the globe. Today there continues to be volunteers – inspired by her example of the Lord’s calling – in the Mission she founded working with orphans, lepers and the dying. She proved to be a woman of undaunted passion and obedience to a higher nature striving against impossible odds. Exemplifying that positive change is an individual responsibility that will eventually benefit the immediate society and world at large.

And thus was revealed a Saint â?¦ and a Mother to those most in need.

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Mother Teresa’s Three Simple Secrets to forging Success in Life

THE REAL BONNIE & CLYDE: Americaâ??s Most Infamous Criminal Double-Act

by Roger Harrington

THE REAL BONNIE & CLYDE: America’s Most Infamous Criminal Double-Act

There have been many notorious American criminals. These include figures such as Al Capone, the infamous gangster and bootlegger, and Billy the Kid, the outlaw and thief of the Wild West. However, two of the most famous American criminals of all time are Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, also known as Bonnie and Clyde.

Travelling around the central and southern United States in a series of stolen cars, Bonnie and Clyde were the terror of store-owners and police alike. There are numerous tales about their exploits during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, many of which have been embellished over the years.

Bonnie and Clyde were famous for robbing stores at gun point. But they also preferred to drive the store owners many miles away, and release them with travel money to get home, rather than shooting them. This clemency and humanity has meant that some people view Bonnie and Clyde as loveable outlaws, rather than evil criminals.

Bonnie and Clyde also demonstrated their notorious criminal reputation and skill when they successfully broke into the most secure prison in Texas, Eastham Prison, releasing several prisoners in the process.

The pair were viewed in many ways. Some thought they were Robin Hood heroes for 1930’s America. Some thought that Bonnie and Clyde represent the ultimate romantic lovers, who remained loyal to each other throughout every hardship. Other people argue that the criminal fugitives were the archetype of amoral, vicious killers.

This book uncovers the real Bonnie & Clyde, the lives and crimes, to better understand what drove this most infamous of criminal double-acts.

JONBENET RAMSEY: The Murder Mystery That Shocked America

by Frances J. Armstrong

JONBENET RAMSEY – The Murder Mystery That Shocked America

JonBenet Ramsey, a name that is still known in every household across the USA – starting in 1996 and now burned in the minds of everyone over the last 20 years.

And yet, no one knows who killed her.

It destroyed the lives of the family, lives in the community, destroyed friendships, hurt the town of Boulder, and made media with all their lies and leaky news stories nothing but a circus.

It is the fear every parent holds in their heart about their children. No matter how much you protect your child, it seems it is never enough.

Evil seems to lurk at every corner and sometimes in your own home in the basement.

This is JonBenet’s story, and the facts leading up to one of the most gripping murder mysteries ever to hit America.

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