Free business and investing Kindle books for 21 Aug 17

Dinero en la red: Una mirada sincera a las promesas del internet (Spanish Edition)

by Jesus Moreno

Si eres exitoso y millonario con solo trabajar un par de horas este libro NO es para ti. Si en cambio, buscas iniciar una trayectoria en el campo laboral del Internet te invito a recorrer este corto pero directo manual donde conocerás donde NO involucrarte.

Investing in Art: 16 Dos and Donâ??ts For Starting Investors (The Contemporary Art Investing Guides)

by Urbain d’Oultremont de Saint-Marcq

If you’re planning to invest in art, but are not sure where to start, this is the book for you! A clear, well-written explanation of the process behind approaching art as an investment vehicle, this eBook is nothing short of a “Art & Investing for Dummies” crossed with the “Encyclopedia Britannica”. Artist, investor, curator or sponsor, everyone is bound to develop new insights while reading this clear, practical guide.

College Students Debt Management: Saving Money and Leaving College Debt Free as a Student

by Reginald Le

A generalized book designed to set you on a path of achieving freedom from debt. This book outlines what you, a student in college, uses money on the most, after analyzing this outflow of money the book dives deeper into how you can budget based on these outflows. The more you understand about your income versus spending the better this book can help you save money and get out of that debt.

Channel Playbook: An Insider Guide To Channel Management

by Evrim U. Uysal

Channel Playbook – An Insider Guide To Channel Management- is a practical guide for all channel sales professionals and executives. This book gives you everything about building, developing, measuring, managing and maintaining a sales channel with a very broad approach including game theory, artificial intelligence, new technologies. More than this you can find how to become a profitable channel player and learn how to avoid major mistakes in channel management execution in this book.

Shadow Banking: Scope, Origins and Theories (Routledge Critical Studies in Finance and Stability)

Shadow banking – a system of credit creation outside traditional banks – lies at the very heart of the global economy. It accounts for over half of global banking assets, and represents a third of the global financial system. Although the term â??shadow banking’ only entered public discourse in 2007, the importance and scope of this system is now widely recognised by the international policy-makers. There is, however, much less consensus on the origins of the shadow banking system, what role it plays in global political economy and the optimal approach to regulating this complex segment of finance. This volume addresses these questions.

Shadow Banking is the first study to bring together the insights from financial regulators, practitioners and academics from across the social sciences. The first part traces the evolution and ongoing confusion about the meaning of â??shadow banking’. The second section draws major lessons about shadow banking as posed by the financial crisis of 2007-09, providing comparative analyses in the US and Europe, and attempts to establish why shadow banking has emerged and matured to the level of a de facto parallel financial system. Finally, the third part goes beyond current regulatory concerns about shadow banking and explains why it is â??here to stay’.

This volume is of great importance to political economy, banking and international political economy.

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