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Depth of the River: Poetry Book

by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Death and After

Wait, wait, I’m coming!
Neither am I scared nor screaming,
With joy my eyes are dancing,
I can hear Divine Music echoing.

Feel, now, O, Detached Soul, you surely can!
Feel pure light, perfect knowledge of Immortal Friend;
Fly freely to all planets, you surely can!
It’s All- blissful, no sorrows to mend.

Depth of the River is the author’s second collection of poems emphasizing on her life as it is. She considers this book as her open confessions manifesting from her subconscious mind.
This book also brings forth, social and global issues that touch the Human race, as a whole.
Through her poems, the poet has also pointed out that the connection to the Divine energy,
that is God, is the best cure to all sufferings and the priceless means to recognizing real joy and leading a peaceful life.
The poems in this book have been written by blending elements of modern and traditional poetry. Some have a rhyming pattern. Others are purely in free verse.

“Life is like a river. It flows and we cannot stop it. The stages of life, that is, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age naturally flow. No human with a normal life span can skip any of those parts.
As far as there is life, happiness and sorrows will always keep on flowing. And it is only by going at the depth of this river-like life that we can see, understand and accept our lives as they truly are.
This book is divided into two parts: Life and God/Spirituality. Some of the poems in the first section are based on my personal experiences and they have been expressed as open confessions, and can be considered as the manifestation of my subconscience. Other poems bring the social and global issues touching the lives of the whole human race and these poems have been written as philosophical reflections. The second part of this poetry book bring forth poems about the power of the creator of the universe and the maker of our lives, that is God. Much emphasis has also been laid on the undeniable fact that in this hectic mundane life, real peace, solace and joy can only be achieved by remaining connected to the Divine.
Poetry is also like a river. It is the flow of communication from the poet’s pen to the hearts and souls of the readers. It invites the readers to first swim at the surface and then dive deep down to explore new horizons, new perceptions and new thoughts. Thus, the river-like Poetry can transform individual human beings as well as a whole society by broadening their knowledge and awareness. This in turn can lead to positive change, innovation and continuous progress in the world.
May the Divine Light enlighten the soul of each human being!
May each creature on Earth be blessed with love, peace and joy!”

Vatsala Radhakeesoon
April 2017

The Poetry of The Rock N Roll Shaman

by Max J Carter

A collection of poetry from a Taltos Shaman of the ancient ways of ancient days.

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