Free reference Kindle books for 21 Aug 17

Cancel Kindle Order: How to Return a Kindle Book on Amazon â?? An Up to Date And Easy to Follow Guide with screenshots (Dr. Howâ??s series)

by Dr. How

Looking to Return a Kindle Book to Amazon for a Refund?

Are you frustrated trying to find out how to cancel your Kindle order and get a refund?

Not to worry! And no more wasting your PRECIOUS TIME!

Whether you’ve purchased a book by mistake, ended up with a title that isn’t fitting your needs, or found yourself with a book your kid bought without your consent, there is hope. You can easily return your Kindle books to Amazon with minimal hassle. This eBook will provide you with step-by-step instructions with screenshots on how to get the job done and get you your money back!

Besides telling you how to cancel your Kindle order, you also get BONUS information about:

  • E-books return policy
  • How to Avoid Amazon account suspension
  • How to prevent accidental purchases in the future
  • Information on other digital refunds

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Basics of Meta-analysis with Basic Steps in R

by Usman Zafar Paracha

This eBook has basics of meta-analysis with basic steps in R; mostly utilizing “metafor” and “meta” package. The ebook could help in developing foundations.

Java Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Quickly and Easily Learn and Use Java (Software, Programming)

by Alfred Hera

The Ultimate Guide to Quicly and Easily learn and Use Java

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Have you ever thought about learning Java computer language?
Have you ever imagined how your Java project can look like?

If you have an idea in your head and you want to make it happen this book is for you. It will easily show you how to create your own Java program.
It does not matter how novice, you are or whether you have even ever seen a line of code. This book is the definitive guide for learning the steps required to build your own Java program.

With this book, step by step, you will learn how to use Java, how to shape it and how to make it work. Also, you will learn how to use NetBeans. NetBeans is the official text editor for making Java program. You will learn some basic methods, variables and classes that will help you to work in Java.
This book is easy to follow and spares no effort to make your introduction to the world of Java a successful one! It will cover the Java platform and its benefits.

You do not need any previous experience to benefit from this book. A can-do attitude, computer and internet connection is all you need!

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