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40 Must Have Golf Tips: Your Best Golf is Only a Tee Time Away

by Richard Lowe Harris

Forty must have golf tips that will lower your scores, lower your handicap and ultimately lower your stress levels. Play better golf today.

Misadventures of a Fantasy Footballer

by Anonymous Anonymous

There was an eeriness to the stunned silence that came over the packed restaurant on a college football Saturday in 2000 as the previously raucous patrons tried to understand why an apparently drunken Bill Gates had loosed a torrent of curses at the top of his lungs. Mr. Fracas bore an uncanny resemblance to the famous billionaire and generally shared the same calm demeanor as his successful doppelganger, at least until Mr. Fracas’ alcohol-induced Tourette’s Syndrome reared its ugly head, as it tended to do all too often in New Orleans. I distinctly recall a family of four so freaked out that the mother and father threw themselves in front of their children to block their kids from seeing this crazed berserker as they forcibly placed human-hand earmuffs on the kids.

This was a typical fantasy football draft day of the dumpster league, one of 17 of these annual occurrences to date. This is the story of a dozen dudes who mostly met in law school and have used the flimsiest of reasons to defy the odds by remaining friends, or at least largely and amicably connected, despite our geographic, socioeconomic and political divergences. Like fat, doughy swallows stumbling to San Juan Capistrano, each Labor Day weekend we have met to draft our teams.

If you don’t care about fantasy football, don’t worry. This piece is part travelogue (i.e., what makes a good location for a guys’ weekend), part character study, and part meditation on the meaning of fraternity and, indeed, life itself. Just kidding about that last part. If you want something that deep, head to the philosophy section of your nearest bookstore.

Sometimes profound, often profane, and definitely not for the easily offended….

DTM in Reimen 2012 (German Edition)

by Gerhard Brenner


Nach den ersten Versuchen mit â??DTM in Reimen” im Jahr 2005, die aus zeitlichen Gründen nach sechs Rennwochenenden keine Fortsetzung fanden, legt der Autor hier nun zum ersten Mal eine komplette Saison der DTM in Gedichtform vor.

Neuauflage mit neuer Titelseite. Der Inhalt wurde nicht verändert.

Was die beiden Saisons miteinander verbindet, ist die Tatsache, dass jeweils drei Hersteller in der DTM vertreten waren. 2005 waren es Audi, Mercedes und Opel, im Jahr 2012 Audi, BMW und Mercedes.

Lang ersehnt und hei� erwartet schlug der neue Wettbewerber aus Bayern gleich zum Rundumschlag auf. Wie es auf den Pisten der DTM-Austragungsorte zuging und wer jeweils die Nase vorn hatte, das erfährt man hier in gereimten Versen.

Neben einem allgemeinen Gedicht zum jeweiligen Renn-Wochenende werden die Erlebnisse jeder Automarke auch noch einzeln behandelt.

Vom DTM-Event in München zur Mitte der Saison wird in insgesamt drei Gedichten berichtet.

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