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History in 30: The Life of George Washington

by Percy Bennington

The United States is the land of opportunity, and this was no truer than during the late-Colonial phase in North America. The men and women who came to the 13 colonies worked for everything they had and eventually broke away from the British when the colonists grew unhappy with the governance. Without the “Founding Fathers,” this would not have been possible; the men who declared independence, ran the war effort, and created the government were exceptional individuals. Many of the “Founding Fathers” were self-made men who rose through the ranks and made something out of themselves during the Revolution. Some had nothing to lose when they declared their independence, but others had everything to lose, and George Washington risked it all to gain the mantle of “Father of America” with his successes.

Today, his legacy is mythologized so often that it’s hard to ascertain the truth from the fairy tales. With such a renowned figure as Washington, it is important for historians and those interested in history to dig deeper and actually understand the man. Washington was not perfect; he was known to have a terrifying temper during the war that left many of his subordinates genuinely scared of the man. Washington did more than any other man to ensure the success of the American Revolution and the safe passage of the new United States from fledgling nation to budding power, but underneath his steel surface burned an almost insatiable political ambition, and a man who was acutely self-conscious of himself.

Washington had other foibles, but that is also partly what makes him great A genuine measure of a great man is not the fact that they are “perfect,” but the fact that they can overcome or even utilize their negative personality traits to their advantage. Washington had a knack for doing just that. Everyone in the colonies and the world realized that Washington, at the head of the last army standing in the colonies, could have made himself king of the new United States on the spot, and it would have been a move supported by his rank and file soldiers. Instead, Washington became the first Westerner to voluntarily demobilize his army, ensuring civilian control of the new nation. King George III called Washington “the greatest character of the age” for making that decision.

History in 30: The Life of George Washington provides a quick but comprehensive look at the life of the first president.

Bill Gates: The Life, Lessons & Rules For Success

by Influential Individuals

Bill Gates: The Life, Lessons & Rules For Success

Bill Gates is the most influential and recognizable name in the technology industry to date. A business magnate, avid investor, heavy philanthropist, and author of multiple books. He has made it into the top 0.1% and it would be an understatement to say Bill Gates is a success story. Some of his greatest moments arose on this journey to success and through studying his journey; it can help us better walk our own path. This book will take you through his successes, failures and learnable moments providing the key principles we can incorporate into our own lives for big results.

This book takes a look at his life. From early beginnings in Seattle, to becoming the richest man in the world and beyond. We take a look at his first taste of failure with his initial business venture, following on with his major successes and failures along the way. The aim of this book is to be educational and inspirational with actionable principles you can incorporate into your own life straight from the great man himself.

*INCLUDING* 50 Greatest Quotes, 20 Little Known Facts & 15 of Bill Gates Principles for Success!

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A Maverick New Zealand Way

by Mary Jane Walker

A Maverick New Zealand Way

Down in the Southern Hemisphere lies a land of beauty, dramatic scenery and adventure – New Zealand.

Discover the stunning back country of New Zealand, through walks, treks, mountain ascents and even a spot of mountain biking. Mary Jane, a self-proclaimed â??Maverick Traveller’ sets out on many of the walks and mountain ascents throughout New Zealand’s North and South Islands.

Mary Jane shares her love of travel, trekking and adventure through this thrilling book. Whether you are a beginning trekker, intermediate or advanced you will find something in this book for you.
Learn about native bush and wildlife nestled amongst a variety of landscapes – glaciers, volcanoes, grassy plains, waterfalls, lakes, vast stretches of ocean and geothermal areas.
Whether you are after a complete guide to trekking New Zealand or just after a good adventure travel book, A Maverick New Zealand Way will be perfect!
An interesting account of New Zealand history in town and country as well as a memoir of modern experiences, A Maverick New Zealand Way is the perfect read to inspire you to get outdoors in New Zealand.
A Maverick New Zealand Way is a mixture of walk,hikes,treks and mountain ascent descriptions accompanied by beautifully illustrated maps and photographs.
A thoroughly enjoyable read for travellers of any age who are interested in the outdoor adventures New Zealand has to offer.

THE QUEEN: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: A Royal Biography

by Michael Woodford

THE QUEEN: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – A Royal Biography

At some point, when they reach their mid-sixties, most people will accept the ravages of later middle age and gracefully, often gratefully, ease themselves into retirement. Not so the Queen.

At 91 years, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II continues to work hard at her numerous duties for the nation and Commonwealth.
Having held the throne for 65 years, she continues to demonstrate her commitment to fulfilling her various roles – Head of State, figurehead of many charities, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, upholder of the faith for the Church of Scotland.

She may now undertake far fewer trips abroad, but her activities within the United Kingdom remain considerable.
During her reign, there have been highs and lows, but through the divorces, disasters and, sadly, deaths, as well as the joys and jubilees, the Queen has stood firm.

With the support of her husband, Prince Phillip, children Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren she has remained an overwhelmingly popular monarch.

How has she achieved this? What enabled her to overcome the tribulations of the â??80s and â??90s? And why does she remain loved and respected in the hearts of so many?



As a former member of the United States Army Special Forces, David
Bryson lived by the motto “De oppresso liber,” a Latin phrase that
means “to free from oppression” or “to liberate the oppressed.” Little did
he realize that, years later, he would be fighting to liberate not others but
himself from an unjust governmental system.
Slapped with a bill for over $23,000 in allegedly unpaid child supportâ??
a charge based solely on his ex-wife’s testimonyâ??Bryson refused to pay.
As a result, his passport was taken away, his wages garnished, his vehicle
seized and sold at auction, and his multiple attempts to refute his ex-wife’s
charges denied. Years later, he refuses to surrrender, which means he is still
unable to leave the country, own property, or earn a living.
Fed up with the systematic fraud and perjury he claims he has encountered
throughout the justice system in El Dorado County, California,
which has jurisdiction over his case, Bryson has finally decided to take
matters into his own hands. In this book, he has published his side of the
story, candidly and uneditied, including accompanying legal documentation.
By doing so, he hopes not only to hold the County of El Dorado
accountable for withholding justice in his case but also to prevent other
alleged “deadbeat dads” like him from being presumed guilty before they
have a chance to prove their innocence.

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