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Ecommerce : Shopify: Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money Selling on Shopify, Amazon FBA: Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money Selling on Amazon, Ebay: How to Make Money Selling on Ebay

by Matthew Scott

Ecommerce: Amazon FBA, Shopify, Ebay

Ecommerce is Evolving as we speak at a faster rate then ever. This is the time to get active in the Ecommerce Space and there is no better way to get started then by utlizing the top 3 Ecommerce platforms in the world!

This Book Includes: 

  • Shopify: How to Make Money Selling on Shopify

  • Amazon FBA: How to Make Money Selling on Amazon

  • Ebay: How to Make Money Selling on Ebay

With this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to conduct important market research and product research to ensure that your efforts are spent on viable products and within viable niches.
  • How to source products to sell in your ecommerce store, including wholesalers, private label, and dropshipping suppliers.
  • How to setup your ecommerce store through Shopify, and how to best customize it to fit your target demographic. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create an attractive online store!
  • How to implement search engine optimization tips and tricks in blogs, product descriptions, and all your content in order to improve your overall visibility.
  • How to start relationships with wholesalers, dropshippers, and other people within your industry in order to grow and remain relevant.
  • How to integrate dropshipping into your ecommerce business in order to scale it to huge levels without the fuss of hiring a lot of employees or working yourself to the bone.
  • How to notice trends within your niche and take advantage of the holiday shopping season to increase your earnings.
  • And much more!

With the head start afforded to you through this practical advice, you will be able to avoid common blunders and excel in ways that are often completely lost on first-time entrepreneurs. Take charge of your life today, become your own boss, and begin the journey that will set you free from the day job you no longer love.

The Little Book of Obvious Things You Don’t Do To Become Rich on Amazon

by Leena Chitnis

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned seller on Amazon, this book teaches you what 98% of sellers just don’t do to stand out in this saturated market. As a long-time buyer and successful seller (15+ years) on Amazon, I will quickly and clearly demystify my BEST-SELLING Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies into simple, fast and easy steps. Harness these no-brainer, simple techniques to get an edge on the competition and to stay on top of a tough marketplace.

This eBook is free of DRM (Digital Rights Management), and my contact information is located within the book if any of you need a one on one consultation.

Happy selling!

– Leena Chitnis

Blockchain for Beginners: Guide to Understanding the Foundation and Basics of the Revolutionary Blockchain Technology (Books on Bitcoin, Investing in Cryptocurrency, … Ethereum, FinTech Smart Contracts)

by Scott Marks

“Blockchain is as significant now as the Internet was 25 years ago.” – Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset Holdings

Blockchain is arguably one of the greatest and most revolutionary innovations since the founding of the Internet!

*Remember*â??â?? If you buy the Paperback Version of this book, you will also get the Kindle Version Included in your purchase for FREE!â??â??

Blockchain can be a difficult topic to comprehend, especially for beginners without much of a technical background. But it really doesn’t have to be. All it takes is one person who is good at explaining things on a very basic and fundamental level, and that is where I excel. I have written this book with the extreme beginner in mind.

Most introductory guides to Blockchain will begin their story in 2008, with the advent of Bitcoin. These accounts are quite accurate, but only paint half of the picture. The fundamental purpose of Blockchain technology and its uses goes back much further than 2008.

In order to truly grasp Blockchain technology, we must reach back to the time before computers, paper currency, or even money itself. The answer to this question will take us on an adventure going back thousands of years, by first delving into the burning question of what money is, and from there, tracing it’s trajectory throughout history to the development of Blockchain technology.

This brief history of money is necessary to understand present-day effects of Blockchain applications, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, both of which will be introduced in this book.

Some of the topics that you are going to learn about in this book include:

  • Understanding Blockchain and what exactly it is
  • What a distributed ledger is (Simplified!)
  • Blockchain’s Effect on Money and Banking
  • Bitcoin and its relationship with Blockchain
  • Ethereum and what makes it so great
  • FinTech’s Impact on business startups
  • Where will Blockchain be in 20 years?
  • The Impact that Blockchain technology is going to have on the world is inconceivable by people who are not well-informed on the topic. Purchase a copy of my hot release “Blockchain for Beginners” and learn everything you need to know about the future of Blockchain Technology.

    Counter Investing: A Winning Approach to Life and Finance

    by Rich Brooks

    Welcome to Counter Investing, a unique and revolutionary system designed to help investors be as effective as possible. In this book you will learn how to sculpt and chisel to perfection the three supporting pillars of great investing:
    Performance, Productivity, and Personalization.

    Master investor Rich Brooks’ unique approach is the product not only of many years of innovative investment planning, but of the perspective he gained from catastrophic experiences that left him fighting for his life. Though seemingly disparate, the tales of Brooks’ investing success and his survival against most odds interweave to reveal an inspiring new path to becoming the investor you ought to be.

    Options Trading: How To Get From Zero To Six Figures With Options Trading

    by Jonathan S. Walker

    Master Options Training To Make Six Figures Right Now!

    Are you searching for the best strategies for binary options trading? Are you struggling at all to make any earnings from your efforts?

    Introducing Options Trading! Your One Source For Learning How To Make A Killing From Options Trading!

    In This Book You Will Learn:

    • Understand What Options Trading Really Is

    • The Risk And Benefits Associated 

    • Specific Strategies You Will Need AT Your Disposal 

    • Keys To Success In Options Trading

    • And Much Much More…

    Grab Your Copy of This Book Today! Don’t Miss out on your chance to make a Killing Off Options Trading. 

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