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Cultured Food: Top 50 Original Fermented Meals Rich In The Good Microbes-Encourage Microbial Biodiversity For Improving Overall Health

by Takahiro Ueda

Top 50 Original Fermented Meals Rich In The Good Microbes-Encourage Microbial Biodiversity For Improving Overall Health

Lucky for you, it’s easier than ever to load up on these cultured foods, thanks to a fermented renaissance that’s bringing once obscure products like kombucha and kimchi to mainstream markets and restaurants

Cultured and fermented foods, rich in the good microbes that help our flora flourish, have been consumed by humans for millennia. Turning cabbage into sauerkraut, milk into yogurt, and soybeans into miso isn’t new. These practices were necessary to preserve food through lean times when fresh vegetables weren’t available

They often begin as whole foods, and with the help of microorganisms, their sugars and carbs are converted into compounds like lactic acidâ??the stuff that gives pickles and sauerkraut their signature sour taste. The process also turns these foods into probiotic powerhouses that boost levels of good bacteria in your digestive tract, improving the health and balance of your body’s collective microbiome, or bacterial community. A healthier microbiome, in turn, has been shown to aid in digestion, increase immunity, prevent disease, andâ??according to some preliminary studiesâ??reduce blood pressure and keep you slim.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

The Benefits of Eating Cultured Food
Cultured Buttermilk
Homemade Kombucha
Japanese Pickled Mustard Greens
Pickled Wasabi Carrots
Sourdough Scones with Kefir Cream and Mango
Kefir Strawberry Carrot Breakfast Smoothie
Spaghetti Squash Aglio e Olio with Kefir Cheese
Savory Probiotic Kale Salad
Beef Burgers with Sauerkraut
Tomato Linguine with Sauerkraut and Kefir Cheese
Semi-sweet Sprouted Grain Crackers
Baked Potato Fries with Probiotic Ketchup
Mayo Kombucha with Carrot Sticks
Much, much more!
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Mexican Cuisine: Authentic Recipes for the Home Chef

by J. R. Stevens

Classic Mexican Recipes

Americans have a love of Mexican food. We’ve fallen in love with the great Mexican combination of rich, earthy flavors and casual, festive dining. But we don’t begin to imagine how sumptuous and varied the cooking of Mexico really is. Mexican Cuisine: Authentic Recipes for the Home Chef brings you are whole range of recipes, which cover breakfast, dinner, desserts and special Mexican drinks.

Recipes are easy to follow and fun to make. Some spicy, some mild and others sweat. From tacos to empanadas, frijoles to casseroles. You’ll find recipes your entire family will enjoy.

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Bread Baking: Essential Recipes For Great Tasting Bread

by Rae Hall

Whether you are new to the oven or an expert baker, this is the ultimate guide for your bread baking needs.

From muffins, to biscuits, to rolls this book will cover everything you need to know about baking delicious tasting bread

Some of the recipes inside include:

  • Banana Bread
  • Zucchini Bread
  • Potato Rolls
  • Hot Dog/Hamburger Buns
  • Buttermilk Biscuits
  • This ebook has all you possibly need to know, saving you hours of online searching

    Every recipe follows an easy step-by-step guide for simplistic baking

Fish Recipes: Delicious and Easy to Make Fish Recipes

by April Blomgren

This book is a great guide for the people who love to have seafood and especially fish. Fish itself is nutritious which is why it is recommendable to have it once in a while in a course of a month. Fish gives you all the necessary nutrients which you would be missing out if you skip food for some reason. People who wish to lose weight, prefer to have fish in their diet for sure because it does not increase your body fat and keeps you lean as well. If you aim to lose weight fast then fish is one of the best thing to have with vegetables or beans. There are different kinds of fish recipes which you will be able to find in this book.

The book is divided into equal chapters as follows:

· Delicious Recipes of Fish
· Veg Mix Fish Recipes
· Variety of Fish Recipes

Check out the amazing recipes of fish in this book and you will be amazed that how many recipes you can make out of just the main ingredient which is fish.

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Champignon cookbook: top 25 recipes with mushrooms.

by Daniel Hall

There are a lot of dishes of mushrooms that are being consumed worldwide for decades. Mushrooms can be consumed whether cooked or in raw form, in both customs, they amazingly taste good and satisfy the taste buds of their zealous consumers.
In this book are presented how to make soups, salads, casserole, stuffed mushrooms, and marinated mushrooms.

Gastric Bypass Diet : Step By Step Guide to Gastric Bypass Surgery (Gastric Bypass Cookbook, Gastric Bypass Recipes)

by John Carter

Is the Gastric Bypass Procedure and Diet right for You?

Click the READ MORE button to learn how Gastric Bypass surgery can help you hit the “reset” button and adopt a new, healthy lifestyle!

When you open Gastric Bypass Diet, you’ll learn all the pros and cons of this life-changing procedure. This is always the last option for doctors to do because it is an extreme procedure. You probably have many questions about this procedure, and this book is here to help you answer those!

In this book, you will learn:

�What Gastric Bypass is

�Decide if Gastric Bypass is for You

�Prepare for Surgery

�Eating After Surgery

�And much more

It’s important to stick with the diet your physician prescribes after your surgery. In this book, you’ll find out about the different foods you can eat during the different phases of your recovery.

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Original Sous Vide. Cooking at home: cookbook

by Victor Ragnarson

Sous Vide – So Good! Cooking under vacuum the French way for delicious recipes and results.

This cookbook is focused on the French culinary trend, sous vide, or cooking “under vacuum.” Used with delicious success in five star gourmet restaurants around the world since its discovery in the early 70s, sous vide is now taking the world of home cooking by storm, thanks to streamlined water ovens and immersion elements, designed with the home kitchen in mind. 

Along with many mouthwatering recipes you will also learn all about the sous vide cooking process including:
–    The French restaurant roots of sous vide
–    The advantages of cooking the sous vide way
–    How the sous vide process works
–    The latest sous vide equipment available 
–    Tips for getting the most out of cooking sous vide
–    Sous vide tricks from the professionals
–    Keeping home sous vide safe

Learn the facts about this innovative cooking method so that you can enjoy learning a new technique that highlights fresh, flavorful food at its healthiest without worrying that it’s a complicated process that should only be undertaken by trained professional chefs. Sous vide takes its cues from elegant and sophisticated French cuisine, including the European tradition of taking inexpensive cuts of meat and cooking it to tender perfection, as well as turning the spotlight on simple foods like fresh vegetables and wholesome poached eggs, by enveloping them in classic elegant sauces all now virtually at your fingertips once you start cooking the sous vide way!
Turn your kitchen into a sophisticated French bistro. Buy this book today and begin your sous vide culinary adventure!

Clean Eating Cookbook: 150 Clean Eating Recipes to Lose Weight and Feel Great

by Emily Willis

Clean eating is a revolutionary and simple concept that means eating more whole and real foods and giving up processed and refined ones.

Despite the fact that today’s market is full of artificial and sophisticated products that contain all sorts of unnatural ingredients, we can assure you that it’s actually very easy to follow a clean eating diet.

-You’ll Have Healthy Gums and Teeth
-You’ll Have Shiny Hair and Strong Nails
-You’ll Have More Energy
-You’ll Feel More Full
-You’ll Reduce Your Risk for Disease
-You’ll Have Good Mental Health
-You’ll Be Better at Your Job
-You’ll Sleep Better

Once you get started, it will become a part of your life and you will never give it up!
To help you get started under the cover we gathered 150 Top Clean Eating recipes for:


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The Vegetarian Soup Bible (The Vegetarian Bible Series Book 1)

by Sarah Hammond

This Bible is aimed at providing simple, delightful, nourishing and easy to cook recipes for Vegetarians. All of the recipes in the Bible are full of information and guidelines as to how long the recipe will take, how hard it is to make, how nourishing it is and simple serving suggestions. Most of the recipes are quick and easy and are ideal for starters, snacks or winter warmers.
The recipes are great for busy parents and hungry kids alike!

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