Free horror Kindle books for 22 Aug 17

Magic Burn: an Urban Fantasy Novel (Shifting Magic Book 2)

by Catherine Vale

The second book in the bestselling new series by New York Times Bestselling Author Catherine Vale.

Don’t get killed by a bloodthirsty Warlock or his legion of darkness.

That’s been Kaye’s goal since discovering that a murderous Warlock sent a gargoyle to kill her.

Now forced into the shadows of the Hallowed Forest, as a ruthless army of darkness hunts them down, Kaye must form uneasy alliances, and unravel the secrets of her true identity.

Magic Burn is the second book in the urban fantasy Shifting Magic series. Don’t miss this thrilling world of otherworldly magic, in the battle against dark forces. For those who love paranormal romance mixed with urban fantasy, this is for you.

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The Blood Of Groth

by John Riley

The classic battle between good and evil but with a twist. Demonic and angelic vampires begin the battle for control of the world.

Don’t Unfriend Me: The Edward Beckman Trilogy part 1

by Bryant Sparks

Edward though he hated the name preferred to be called by his last name, Beckman. His social media page only consisted of about ten people. But that would soon change when he memorized the name of one of the local customers, that often came to the store. Beckman remembered her name and the next time she came into the department store, he befriended her. And for the first time in a long time, he finally had a chance at a normal life.
Lyric had no idea that Beckman was discreetly attracted to her. No, he was freaking obsessed. However, there was only one mutual problem, Lyrics best friend Monae didn’t like Beckman and the way he acted. Though Lyric insured her that he was just a little different, Monae kept her eyes on Beckman. Her intuition paid off when she caught him arguing with an imaginary person. But by then Lyric had already accepted him as her new friend.
Beckman saw the perfect female every time he saw Lyric. Her words sang to him. He would confess his affection for her, but what would happen if by then she’d started to see the insanity in him? When she tries to unfriend him and leave him like everyone else had, things get a little out of hand. His reply to her was direct. “I’m sorry Lyric. Things got out of hand and I got a little pissed, but we have a bond. I just wanted to tell you how I feel. I know you feel it too. Be mad for a day or two if you have to. But I’m sure we can make this work. Whatever you do thoughâ?¦just don’t unfriend me. When I make friends, my friendship is for forever, knife emoji.
Will Beckman…make her pay with her very own life?

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