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The Heart Collector: An Alex Rainer Mystery

by J.T. Turner

London, England.

A woman’s body is discovered in a home-made grave in a church cemetery. Her torso has been mutilated beyond recognition, and a hole has been cut in her chest to expose her motionless heart.

The murder echoes the crimes of a legendary, uncaptured serial killer known as the Heart Collector.

Private detective Alex Rainer believes this to be a copycat killer attempting to strike fear throughout London. However, there’s one problem.

The heart inside the victim’s chest doesn’t belong to her. It belongs to the Heart Collector’s last known victim, killed thirty years prior.

In order to track down the killer, Alex must navigate a bizarre, underground world of collectors and serial killer enthusiasts to track down the perpetrator. He must locate the detectives who worked on the original case three decades ago to uncover secrets which have been lost to the ages. It seems that a long-dead mystery has returned to life.

Alex finds himself on the trail of an elusive, walking obscurity with the ability to simply disappear into the shadows. A brutal, sadistic monster who literally toys with women’s hearts. A killer for whom love and hate are the same.

Taken: Roadburners MC

by Brook Wilder

He ruined my life, so I ruined his daughter.

I’m after the bastard who ruined my life.
But that was before I found out he had a daughter.
An innocent little girl ripe for me to ruin.
He might have ruined my life, but I’m going to ruin his daughter

She got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time.
But once she got involved, there was no way I’d risk letting her go.

At first it was just out of necessity.
But that was before I had a chance to take her in.
Before I could have a proper look.

After just like that, I was hooked.
I couldn’t get her out of my mind.
Couldn’t stop picturing her tiny body pinned against mine.
Her breath hot on my ear as she screamed my name.

And when I found out whose daughter she wasâ?¦

There was no way anything or anyone could hold me back.
No way I could stop myself from having her.
From owning her.

From ruining her.
Again and again.
Night after night.
Until she forgets who she is.
Until I make her MINE.

Taken is a full-length, standalone romance novel with steamy hot sex, NO CHEATING, strong language, a happily every after ending and NO CLIFFHANGERS. Contains dark and disturbing themes, and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers.

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