Free parenting and families Kindle books for 22 Aug 17

Small Warning Proverbs

by Ann Joseph

Scope of this work: “You may find this collection helpful as a source on proverbs for personal as well as in social situations. Kindly make use of this collection in your conversations, parties, networking etc. Remember…..this is a booklet NOT a book.Its content can be covered in less than an hour. Some of the readers suggested these booklets on proverbs as a candidate for motivational speeches too.” Ann Joseph

Author’s Top Picks:

Anger ends in cruelty. (Indian-Tamil)

Don’t trust a strange dog. (Slovakian)

Lie, but don’t overdo it. (Russian)

Don’t trouble a quite snake. (Greek)

Treachery lurks in honeyed words. (Danish)

Tired folks are quarrelsome. (French)

Faith starts with youâ?¦: Love is faithful what it promise (Every day questions Book 1)

by Grant Veldkornet

People face every day of their life, challenges and pain goes with that. The questions that these challenges give to individuals is always directed in such away on the severity the trauma or experience they went through are asked. In this book we have a look at the questions and dig deep into the soul of man.

The good news is that in this story there is a young man that suffered the same hardships, when the severity of his challenges was so bad, that he was killed at the end. People get hurt and it seems life does not get better. Faith the key to eternal life, that will give you access to your God.

This book will only give the expressions and views of the author.

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