Free poetry Kindle books for 22 Aug 17

Poetic Reflectionz

by wizanda

With a rhythmic flow that captivates, whilst explaining complex concepts for everyone to enjoy.
A collection of spiritually enlightening poems, delving into diverse subjects in an eloquent poetic style.

Bird Flying through the Banquet

by Judy Kronenfeld

In her fourth book of poems, Judy Kronenfeld re-invokes and searches for her swiftly receding first-generation urban past and the lives of her deadâ??particularly her working-class immigrant parentsâ??with love, terror, realism, and humor. Childhood memories illuminate puzzles, almost heal, tantalize with mystery. They recast themselves in imagination and dreams: her dead parents play Scrabble in their Bronx kitchen, though neither can spell. Kronenfeld explores vulnerability: not quite belonging to the worlds she rises into, or the America of her adulthood; moments when we cannot ask for what we most need. With precision, wit, and inventive metaphor, she bodies forth the role of attentiveness in love and art, casts a wry eye on the relation of young and old, and on politics and power. She casts a clear, yet not unmoved eye on endingsâ??others’, and her own. And sometimes, the ever-present present transcends the flow of time.

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