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Natural Antibiotics: Organic Herbs to Prevent and Heal Diseases. Natural Remedies For Your Health

by Hank L.

Natural Antibiotics

Organic Herbs to Prevent and Heal Diseases. Natural Remedies For Your Health

There are wide variety of natural foods and herbs that are instrumental in treatment of various diseases.
Natural antibiotics, which are not developed in labs, essentially contain naturally occurring ingredients whose medical efficacy has been demonstrated in eradicating harmful pathogens and hence pose minimal risk for any kind of side effect.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Common Natural Antibiotics in Use
  • Curing common ailments using natural antibiotics

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Vessels and Stations of Earthspace and The Belt

by Richard Penn

The spread of humanity into the Solar System is a practical possibility for the next few decades, beginning with the reusable launch vehicles being developed right now by SpaceX and others. Once that first step is economical, private companies will disrupt space using technologies that are available right now. With generic tools, and engineers who know how to use them, they will build ships and stations from the materials they find in space.
This book shows how that might be, with illustrations and technical details for everything they build. It is a ‘science-of’ book, laying out the technical assumptions and the scenario behind my novels. Like them, it uses real-world science and feasible technology, avoiding all the fantasy elements that have crept into much science fiction. The book also provides illustrations and resources which other authors could use in writing their own science-based space fiction. With such re-use in mind, the pictures are offered on an attribution-share-alike licence.

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