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A Long Journey: From Steam to Cyber

by Gracie Stathers

Set between 1840 and 2040. Four families from different parts of Europe, travel to the รข??ends of the earth’ and met up in the beautiful settlement of Akaroa South Island New Zealand. A story of love and betrayal and the desire to overcome no matter what comes their way.
The age of steam is when the long journey begins in a time of great poverty. The families are forced by circumstances beyond their control to travel to the other side of the world, leaving behind family members, friends, and their beloved homeland.
The journey takes us to the 1900s, when Hannah and Richard marry, bringing the four families together as one and leading the way into the 21st century when sailing ships and steam trains give way to the age of cyber technology

Claimed By The Bikers: Menage Biker Bear Shifter Romance

by Lilly Wilder

Carol Has Never Been Able To Keep A Single Man… But Maybe She Can Keep Two Men

Carol Burton had always been unlucky in love and she had no idea what she was doing wrong. She may not have been for everyone, but surely there was somebody out there that wanted her for who she was and not what they wanted her to be.

Carol thought that her options were limited, but her friend Tammy put her on to a speed dating night. At first, she is reluctant to take such a drastic step, but her desperation forces her to do something totally off the wall. The pickings are slim until she meets Jesse Peters and his twin brother Jacob. She thinks that it’s a joke that they are here together and the looks that they have received have not been kind. They have tattoos, long hair and beards to match their surly attitude and dominant will. They are soon embarking on an unconventional relationship with Jesse hiding a secret that not even his brother knows about. They are going to have some trials along the way that is going to test them to their limits.

Can she truly be in love with two at the same time?

This Is The Updated Extended Version Of The Best Selling Short Story Sitting Pretty By Lilly Wilder

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