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Understanding Ethereum, Bitcoin &Bitconnect

by Robert Warrentcy

Have you ever wondered how to invest effectively in today’s era?
Understanding Ethereum, Bitcoin & Bitconnect will help you understand how Ethereum, Bitcoin and BitConnect work, from which to choose how to invest time , money in crypto currency .
Inside, you will learn:
Chapter 1: Ethereum Fundamentals
Ethereum Overview
The issue
The arrangement
The World Computer
The fate of Ethereum
Chapter 2: Bitcoins
What is Bitcoin?
What make it not the same as would be expected monetary standards?
What is Bitcoin in view of?
What are its attributes?
Chapter 3: Bitcoin Ethereum Based on a Case Study6
Bitcoin Ethereum (Case Study Oriented Scenario)6
Innovation Adoption Life Cycle
Bitcoin Decision Tree
1. The Bitcoin play
Case Discussion
2. The fintech play
3. The venture play
4. The consortium play
5. The framework play
Chapter 4: Ethereum Mining
Ethereum Mining
Mining rewards
Uncles ELI5 on reddit
Discussion string clarifying uncles
Chapter 5: Bitconnect
Bitconnect Overview
Why invest in BitConnect?

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