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On Meditations On Meditations: (On meditations) (â?¦probably on meditations too)

by Mercurius Terminimus

Hermes Terminimus and his chemical muse present a spiraling warp-drive mind trip of a revelation which expects that upon completion of this little libellus, you will just go about your day like you hadn’t just been dragged through a volcano at the bottom of a holographic ocean on the moon. Like you won’t have to just delete everything you’ve ever written and start over fresh, provided starting over is something worth doing.

We would tell you this should be as widely disseminated as possible but we’re worried about it somehow fixing everything or making everything fall apart (these not being mutually exclusive of course), and then what would you do with your evenings? We’d be lying if we said we understood all of it, but we’d also feel we’d be lying if we said we didn’t.

Every chapter a different voice. Or not. One never settles. Even if that means letting one get settled for just a bit before pulling the rug out. Or pushing the rug under. Maybe there won’t even be a rug. Or a floor. Or a reader. The only constant is change. If a book is written in the middle of the woods, and a tree falls on the author, does anybody give a shit?

The possibilities are endless. But the point is that all at once is boring. We have everything, whenever, wherever, and it blows. People forget that the biggest reason roller coasters are exciting is the line. Keep em’ wanting more. That’s the trick. Just like X. They think want it. But they really just want to want it.

What Is The TIME ?

by Aleksandr Anufriyev

This book is for every age, anyone who can read and who is interested in what time is,
will be the main audience.
It explains why people think time is relative, what is time, and gives the audience examples of different
devices to “measure” time, also it explains why time travel is not possible.
If you want to know how to better explain to your kids, your friends or your students about what Time means, then in this book you will find the answers.

THE CARTELS: Shocking True Drug Cartel Stories

by AA Christiansen

THE CARTELS: Shocking True Drug Cartel Stories

The war on drugs. An international incentive launched by the United States in the mid-1900s. This program hoped to outlaw illegal drugs that caused problems. Unfortunately, all it did was drive these drugs underground: methamphetamine, crystal meth, marijuana, cocaine, and other illegal substances all create vital criminal enterprises.

The drug cartels are groups of people working together with the hope of making money off of this criminal drug enterprise. There is money to be made in providing the item that people cannot get. However, the real power that the cartels seek is not just providing these items, but it is in their desire to control all supply of this illegal item.

The cartels manufacture and traffic illegal drugs into the United States and other countries around the world. The fight the police and military who are attempting to stop their illegal behavior, and they fight other cartels.

Murder, bribery, extortion, riots, money, and power. The world of drug cartels is fascinating. It encompasses many different areas and brings fascinating stories galore.

These are the shocking true stories of the drug cartels, their MO, and the havoc they cause to communities and law enforcement alike.

Io, Alex e Trump (Italian Edition)

by Alessandro Nardone

Negli ultimi mesi in molti hanno parlato del “ciclone Trump”, ma in pochi hanno dimostrato di averci capito qualcosa. Alessandro Nardone è conosciuto in tutto il mondo come Alex Anderson, ovvero l’alter ego che lui stesso ha inventato per candidarsi alle primarie repubblicane sfidando proprio lui, Donald Trump: un anno in cui, ogni notte, dismetteva i panni di Alessandro e indossava quelli di Alex, giovane Congressman californiano capace di conquistarsi un seguito di quasi 30.000 followers su Twitter.Un’esperienza “sul campo” senza pari, per questo Vanity Fair ha scelto Alessandro Nardone come inviato per la Convention Repubblicana di Cleveland, agli eventi più importanti di Hillary Clinton a Philadelphia e New York, e alla cerimonia d’insediamento di Donald Trump, il 20 gennaio a Washington.Un vero e proprio tour, da cui sono nati un videoreportage pubblicato dal Corriere della Sera e “Io, Alex e Trump”, una raccolta di 18 articoli di Alessandro arricchiti da un’analisi sulla comunicazione di Trump scritta dal coach e formatore Francesco Fabiano. “Io, Alex e Trump”, la vittoria di Donald Trump raccontata da chi la conosce come nessun altro.

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