Free humour Kindle books for 24 Aug 17

21 Ways to Win Capture the Flag: Impress Your Friends & Become Champion of the Classic Outdoor Game (Capture the Flag Strategy Guide)

by Capture the Flag REDUX

We love Capture the Flag. When else do you sneak into enemy territory, break friends out of jail, protect your home and steal objects from other players? What other games combine strategy, speed and stealth?

And why do you do all of this? Why else do you sprint your heart out, crawl along the ground and scream for people to race after an intruder? You do it because it’s fun…

…And because YOU WANT TO WIN.

Whether you’re a veteran looking for a few fun ideas, a Scout who wants to dominate the game, or one of those adventurous Capture the Flag REDUX players (who play Capture the Flag in the dark) – if you enjoy winning, this is the right book for you.

The 21 strategies detailed here include illustrations, a description of each tactic, and a list of when to employ each technique. You’ll also find advanced suggestions that combine multiple strategies. A word of caution though: these techniques are powerful, sometimes complex, and often risky.

Think you’re up to the challenge?

If so, get ready for fun, get ready for adventure, get ready for teamwork – and get ready for your Capture the Flag strategies to become a heck of a lot more advanced!

If you enjoy Capture the Flag, you’ll LOVE this book.

Hell Happens (Hell Happens Series Book 1)

by Rainy Knight

Brice Sutton spent his life going against the rules, now he has to pay the price. He must fight his way through Hell with Renee Bowman by his side. The woman is infuriating, neurotic, and absolutely beautiful. He may be able to escape his damnation, but how in the Hell can he survive her?

Renee Bowman, suffering from OCD and severe depression, has too much to overcome already. When she finds herself in Hell with Brice Sutton, all other obstacles seem like tiny molehills in comparison. He is self-centered and infuriating, yet her heart flutters and her knees go weak whenever he is near.

As if things aren’t bad enough, a new set of problems arise when Renee finds out Brice is the idiot driver who killed her. Brice only thought she was difficult to deal with before, but Hell hath no fury like a woman who just found out you sent her there.

This is the first book of 8. Look for Hell Happens-Acedia coming February 2017

Blood on the Page: A Novella on Writer’s Block

by Linda A. Lavid

In a writer’s block intervention group in Buffalo, New York, three writers get together to whine and act like real writers without the added tedium of actually writing. It’s as close to heaven as most of them aspire, that is until, matters get out of hand and the group disbands.

You’ll Never Guess What I Overheard!: A Collection of Humorous Quotes

by Jeffrey Pickles

Eavesdropping; we’ve all done it, whether it be accidental or simply via the plain old desire to snoop. We have ears. It’s only natural; which is more than can be said for some of the conversations we encounter while doing so. This book is a celebration of those special people and the words that pour from their cakeholes, whether it be the weird, the wonderful or the downright hilarious!

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