Free poetry Kindle books for 24 Aug 17

Black Book of Poems

by Vincent Hunanyan

Black Book of Poems is the debut title of the Armenian-born writer, Vincent Hunanyan, and is a collection of poems dealing with loss, love, pain, happiness, depression and abandonment.


by Susan August

Textlings is a collection of aphorisms and short attention span stories authored by Susan August.

her birth certificate carried no names
only the fact of love and this turned out to be
the best passport for traveling through time

the pot and the kettle argued frequently
about who was the newer black

the puzzle pieces had a very
complicated relationship always breaking up
and getting back together again

The Scent of My Childhood (Gems Eclair Morton Book 1)

by Gems Eclair Morton

This is the first of the three poetry book series from Gems Eclair Morton. Gems died, a relatively unknown man. He was fond of reading poetries and would recite them to his friends, I being one of them, whenever we met at his house for poker. I found his two diaries, hidden behind stacks of his books of poetries, which were being auctioned after his death. It was then that I realized that the poetries he used to recite were his own. The World should have known Gems before and he deserved a more respectable death.
English was not Gems’ mother tongue, but he loved the language more than any other language. We loved to listen to him when he talked and no wonder I have loved handpicking his best creations. I present to you the first book of his three book series that I have compiled from his writings. This book contains his poems and writings about his childhood memories.

Across Distant Galaxies: Selected Haiku Inspired by Fantastic Beasts, Doctor Who, Nature and Sci-Fi

by Michael Pickell

A selection of Haiku from 2014-2016.

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