Free religious fiction Kindle books for 24 Aug 17

A Garden in Paris

by Stephanie Grace Whitson

After 26 years as the trophy wife of a powerful man, Mary Davis is both a widow with no sense of identity and a mother who doesn’t know how to bridge the gap between herself and her increasingly distant daughter. When Mary finds a framed motto promising that “It’s never too late to be who you might have been,” she is haunted by the memory of an old flame and guilt over the way things ended between them. In a desperate attempt to reconcile the past and find a new future, Mary returns to Paris, the city where she won and lost her first love. Paris will change everything for Mary and her daughter, in ways neither could imagine.

Juniper Lodge: Trials and Tribulations – Episode 2

by Norman J Stone

Samantha and Robert begin their new life as a married couple with dreams of marital bliss in the highlands of Scotland.
However fate has different ideas, and mystery, murder and intrigue make up an unholy trinity that are never far from their door…

The Mad and Mindless Mind of Willa Jean

by Grace King

I locked myself in a room for several days so I could write this story just for you. I could sit here and give you a summary of the book or offer you quotes from critics raving about how great it is, but I’m not. There’s no effective way for me to explain to you what my book is about (and also because no critics have read it yet). If you do take the time to read my story, I think you’ll find that we have/had something in common. We’ve all been selfish, and it’s inevitable that our self-seeking attitude has caused or will cause people pain and suffering. This selfishness we experience derives from something called fear, and this story is about how I overcame my fear. If you don’t believe you’re afraid of anything, like I did for several years, I would encourage you to read this book. You might be surprised. If you know you’re in a selfish place, I would also encourage you to read my book because, like me, you might not know what you’re fearing. You might actually be experiencing a trivial amount of fear right now: the fear of wasting your time reading this book. Is it worth your time? That’s a risk you’ll have to take for yourself.

The Guilty Proposal (Heroes of Hays Book 1)

by Barbara Goss

Travis Grayson feels responsible for a serious injury to his long-time friend, Libby. Out of guilt, he proposes, much to her delight. Not long after, he meets Evaline Radcliffe, and she immediately steals his heart. He finds himself in a predicament: he’s betrothed to one woman out of duty, and head over heels in love with another. To make matters worse, Evaline eventually discovers his duplicity. Evaline has a problem of her own and she enlists her father’s help in solving it. Her father’s solution is to arrange for her to be kidnapped.

Remnant: Noah fiction series (Grace Finder Book 1)

by John Stacy Worth

One family. A chosen remnant. With nothing but grace to carry them through.
Many have tried to adapt the Flood legends, exploring the questions: Why would God send a flood to destroy so many? How could a loving Father bring down such complete annihilation? What grieved the Creator so deeply that He would flood away an entire world, leaving only a remnant of eight?

This trilogy cuts to the heart of those questions and more. The Flood story is one of our world’s most ancient tales; it’s also the most misunderstood. Scholarly commentaries gloss over the Flood. Movie versions seldom do the tale justice. Children’s Bibles tame it into one of a robed, grandfatherly Noah and plush animal figurines.

So let the first book in this series usher you toward a fresh revelation of the Flood event, envision God’s remnant as never before, and find answers that may surprise you. And, as you follow the series to its end, discover a grace even deeper than the waters that covered an entire world.

For Noah’s sons completing the Ark has always been the first priority, yet they must also find wives. But where, when all the world is corrupt? There is Beth, their mother’s handmaiden, who longs for Japheth but catches Shem’s eye instead. There is also the slave girl, Shandai, nursed back from the brink of death and willing to seduce either one. Meanwhile for Ham there seems to be no one, and a life of inheriting only the scraps of his older brothers. Tension within the family and from without threatens to tear them apart, as Satan uses any means available to destroy God’s remnant; vengeful enemies, the demon spawn Nephilim, and if possible, even one another.

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