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Surviving Burning Man: A Packing List for First-Timers

by Jessie Newburn

Are you headed to Burning Man for the first time?

If so, then this book, “Surviving Burning Man: A Packing List for First-Tiimers” is a must read! Author Jessie Newburn not only recommends WHAT to bring to Burning Man but WHY to bring it.

In her essential guide to packing for Burning Man, she offers stories, insights and a thorough list of what to bring, sorted and organized by categories such as Tent Setup, Footwear, Lights, Transportation, Day Clothes, Night Clothes, Body Care, Sleeping and much more.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll bring everything on this very detailed Burning Man packing list, you’ll be more prepared to think through your own particular needs and to provision and pack properly for your circumstances.

This book is an accompaniment to a famous (in a very small world) packing list spreadsheet that can be copied and customized to your own personal needs.

Jessie Newburn recommends that first-timers camp with a larger group or recognized theme camp and, as such, this packing list focuses on personal care and not on considerations and needs for infrastructure, grey water management, kitchen setup, power needs, bike parking and the like.

This book is available as a free download.

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Burn bright!

OKINAWA : A photographic journey of beautiful islands in Japan : Vol.02 Mid-Sea Road

by Kensuke Suzuki

Photo collection of Mid-Sea Road in Okinawa.<65 photographs>

It is a photograph of a photographer who moved from Tokyo to Okinawa-Naha and continues to take photographs of the wonderful landscape of Okinawa. It would be greatly appreciated if the atmosphere of Okinawa was conveyed to everyone who took a look, and it became one of the reasons to bring your feet to Okinawa.

On the winning peninsula in the central part of Okinawa Prefecture there is a free Mid-Sea Road boasting the longest in East Asia.

However, “Mid-Sea Road” refers not to the submarine tunnel dive in the ocean but to the “ocean road” crossing over the sea.

From the main island of Okinawa, at the entrance to a remote island where you can access Hamahigajima, Heiyasojima, Miyagijima, Ikeijima, the road with a total length of 4.7 km is almost in line! Beside the bridge, the cobalt blue sea that awakens you continues everywhere and is a spot that makes you feel refreshed when you drive by car.

# Please see the horizontal mode because all the photos are spread out.

ã?Author Profileã??

Kensuke Suzuki

Born from Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan in 1976
Resides in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
Family: Wife and 3 children

Since I was fascinated by the beautiful sea at Tokashiki island / Awanami Beach in the Kerama Islands at the age of 20, I visited islands in Okinawa and are taking photographs of landscapes and underwater. Especially favorite Miyako island and Hateruma island.

In Tokyo, banana seedlings were grown at home garden, banana seedlings growing only at temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius and blooming at 0 degrees Celsius were bloomed and harvested over 2 years in open field cultivation. Banana cultivation in Tokyo is rare and becomes a topic in the neighborhood.

After having transferred the business at the age of 40, I moved to Okinawa-Naha city with family and banana seedlings, “Let’s do something new or really like”. I have spent full days spending photographs around various parts of Okinawa that I had been dreaming of before.

RV Living Full Time: Incredible Secrets, Tips, & Resources to Motorhome Living & Finding Freedom!

by Kevin Hughes

Have You Been Craving Adventure?

Tired of The Everyday Grind?

Do You Want to Spend Time Outdoors Connected to The World, Instead of At Your House Connected to The Internet?

Want to Travel to Breathtaking and Interesting Locales Whenever The Mood Strikes?

If you answered YES, know all that is possible when living an RV lifestyle. A life spent traveling and adventuring across the country often feels out of reach. Well, I’m here to share with you it’s much closer in reach than you’d think. In this book, I will share with you everything I’ve learned while out on the road. I went through all the growing pains and found out things the hard way so you won’t have to. Learn from my experiences so you can transition to an RV lifestyle year round.

The majority of people only travel once or twice every year. If you feel like I do, then you understand that’s no way to live your life to its fullest potential. We’ve only got one life to lead. It’s important to make it the life we want.

This guide on RV living full-time will help you transition from a boring life spent in the same spot day in and day out, to a life filled with travel and adventure out on the open road. Change can seem a little scary at first but this book will help to prepare you for the next phase of your life. Don’t put off living the life you want any longer. You deserve to find freedom!

Inside You’ll Find:

  • Getting Started – Find An RV
  • RV Basics Everyone Needs to Know
  • The Beginner’s Checklist
  • RV Expenses – Planning & Budgeting
  • RV Safety Tips & RV Legal Considerations
  • A Brief Guide to RV Boondocking
  • Earning Money From The Road
  • Top Spots Travel Guide
  • RV Living For Kids
  • RV Living Tools, Resources, Apps, & Books
  • 100+ Tips to Make Your RV Lifestyle Easier

Don’t Miss Out! Be Sure To Grab Your Copy Today!

You are the Temple: Machu Picchu Raw & Unedited Spiritual Guide

by Michael Nardi

You are the Temple books, is a series of concise spiritual guides, which are only 5 to 20 pages to help you navigate given experiences. It is not a system, field guide or a step by step process, it is commonsense wisdom from first hand experience on how to make the most of your adventure and how to integrate the experience when you come home. This is raw and unedited, which makes for a quick read, stripped down to the bare essentials to help you realize and embrace, You are the Temple. Learn to Meditate by using Mantra Meditation sounds and easily integrate your experience when you come home. All you hope to gain from this experience, is already inside you, now it is time to Open. Enjoy the journey.

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