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On the Spooky Trail: Travels in Supernatural Wales

by Virginia King

A hag’s pool. A ruined abbey. A house with a skull.

Join award-winning mystery author Virginia King on this journey of true travel, when her role as an accompanying delegate at a conference turns into an investigation of some of the spookiest places in Wales.

True Crime Stories: 3 True Crime Books Collection (True Crime Novels Anthology)

by Jack Rosewood

It is no secret that true crime murder stories are not for the faint of heart. They can lead you to double-check your windows and doors at night, and question everything you thought or believed about human nature. Yet they are intriguing and fascinating at the same time.

What is it that makes us different from those who take the lives of others? That is a question that many ask themselves, and these true crime stories help to identify the method and psychology behind some of the most terrifying killers in modern history.

This set includes three true crime books, volumes 1-3, and each is filled with a variety of true crime murder cases, including spree killers and massacres, some of which are yet to be solved. You are taken through the background of the story, the murders, and the criminal investigations that took place. Some pages will be difficult to read, due to the emotion behind them. Yet you will be unable to stop reading, turning page after page.

Each true crime anthology in this collection will leave you to ponder whether the perpetrators of these crimes were really monsters. When you learn of the background of these killers, the age-old question of whether a serial killer is born to kill will be at the forefront of your mind.

Explore the stories behind the murders in these True Crime volumes, the anger, the horror, and the sadism, inflicted by each killer. Feel for the victims, their families, and the investigators who had to deal with each case. And don’t be surprised if you have to sleep with the light on.

True Crime: 12 Most Famous Murder Stories

by Ryan White

True Crime: 12 Most Notorious Murder Stories 12 Most Notorious Murder Stories of true crime that stunned the nation. Brilliantly written, well organised page turner. A must add to mystery/thriller true crime books.

Dialogue with Nikola Tesla: Room 3327

by Ivan Nikolic

There are many facts about Nikola Tesla that’ve never been released to the world,nor will they be.
Still , this book is going to change your perception of this realm,as i’ve changed mine ,when i discovered who Tesla really was,and what were his real intentions.
All that ,through fictional character Petar, Russian naval officer and a spy,who’s trying to figure out connections between Nikola Tesla , WW2 , Nazis , and experiments that led to making of Atomic bomb,Internet,death rays,and pretty much every other advanced technological invention.

You must prepare before read “Dialogue with Tesla ” by asking yourself questions like:
” What is time”
“What’s real nature of energy and matter”
“How do we get here”
“What is free will”
Room 3327 is the “New Yorker” hotel’s room,where Tesla stayed to the rest of his life , but in this book you’ll be traveling everywhere,but it’d be really important to forget what time is for the moment.

I hope you’ll enjoy this quite unusual content ,and i ‘d appreciate your review if you like it.
If you want to discuss about the book,or if you want to ask me anything,write me to my email address :
[email protected]

AVIATRIX: First Woman Pilot for Hughes Airwest

by Mary Shipko

Aviatrix is the captivating story of one of the first women pilots to break into the all-male airline flight cockpit. Hired in 1976 at Hughes Airwest, Mary Bush made a herculean effort to overcome the resistance and harassment she faced in such a position, but it was to no avail.
Mary was introduced to flying at an early age. She started flying as a teenager, studying and training long hours until she painstakingly obtained her ratings one by one. Financial hardships hit the family hard, though, and Mary–desperate for both flying experience and money–headed down to the infamous Corrosion Corner in South Florida to be a “freight dog” for fly-by-night operators. However, she was frequently denied work because of her gender. She kept praying, working, and struggling, though, with the hope of one day becoming an airline pilot, a job in which she would have both steady work and steady pay.
Then, after her brother is lost at sea in one of the family airplanes, Mary is more determined than ever to become a pilot at an airline, just as her brother had planned to be. So, when she is offered the position at Hughes Airwest, Mary is thrilled. Going out west to fly jets was everything she had dreamed of and worked for. The discrimination and lewd remarks she had often faced in Florida, though, had not even come close to preparing her for the relentless harassment she would encounter as the first woman pilot at an airline.
A close-up and enthralling account of Mary’s struggles as an aviation pioneer, this book will astound, appall, and inspire you.

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