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Knocking Boots

by Willow Winters

It started as a bet; now I don’t want to stop.

I was engaged once, and I learned my lesson. That’ll never happen again. Women come and go, but my bar is all I give a damn about. F*ck commitment. All I need is one night. It’s just for fun, and then it’s over.

Until she walked into my bar. My sweetheart.

Gorgeous from head to toe, she’s a woman who knows exactly what she wants. The whole nine yards, complete with a picket fenceâ?¦ not a southern bartender with commitment issues.

Maybe it was the challenge that drew me to herâ?¦ maybe it was something else.

It was harmless flirting at first. Then it turned into a drunken deal.
She’s supposed to play my girlfriend until my sister’s wedding, just to get my family off my back.

Every day we get closer to the wedding, it’s harder and harder to deny what I’m feeling.
But she never wanted me to begin with. It was just a stupid bet.

She never told me what she wanted in return. I know what she’s desperate for though, a baby. A family to call her own.

I’m not ready to settle down, but damn I want to hold on to her for just a little longer.
But I can’t let just a little longer turn into forever.

**Knocking Boots is a full-length standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Lazer Focused: A Jet City Billionaire Romance (The Billionaire Matchmaker Series Book 1)

by Gina Robinson

She’s an expert at making perfect matches. Until she meets hers.

The lonely single men of Seattle have a problemâ??a shortage of eligible women. Across the county, Manhattan has the opposite problem, a shortage of eligible men. Sexy Seattle billionaire and entrepreneur Lazer Grayson thinks he has the perfect solution. Now all he needs is a little cooperation from Manhattan’s premier matchmaker, a beautiful, seductive woman he wants desperately. For a lot more than her matchmaking skills.

Manhattan matchmaker Ashley Harte has never seen the New York marriage market so desperate. With so few men in her matchmaking pool, she has to turn away female clients. Which is very bad for business. And her reputation. Will hot billionaire Lazer Grayson’s proposal be her path to matchmaking success? Or will he break her heart?

The first book of the romantic comedy readers have been eagerly waiting for!

Continue in the exciting and romantic world of the Jet City Billionairesâ?¦

The Billionaire Matchmaker Series

NOTE: These books end with cliffhangers and must be read in the order listed below.

1-Lazer Focused

2-Harte Strings

3-Pair Us

4-Dating Lazer

5-Match Point

If you enjoy romantic stories full of humor, laughs, secrets, mysteries, and, of course, hot men, you’ll love The Billionaire Matchmaker Series!

Don’t miss out on the romance! Scroll up and grab a copy today!

>>>Romantic Comedy

>>>Contemporary Romance

>>>Women’s Fiction Humorous

>>>Billionaire Romance

Seven Days (Seven Days Series Book 1)

by Lindy Dale

Friends with benefits is fine for some but what happens when a threesome turns into a bizarre love triangle?

Sadie’s not an out there kind of girl. She’s never travelled further than her aunt’s holiday house. She’s never played the field. In her twenty-one years, her most serious relationship has been with a textbook. Though Sadie desperately wants to try something new, that voice inside her always manages to convince her its safer to stick with what you know. So, when she meets Nicholas and Joel while on holiday, she’s confused by her attraction to both men and thrown by the fact her subconscious is telling her to do a thing she knows can only lead to trouble.
Engage in a night of meaningless, yet mind blowing sex… with them both. Together. At the same time.

Successful, commanding and infinitely sexy, Nicholas is used to getting his own way. He’s under no illusions when it comes to women because a woman who’s interested in the real him-not in his money or good looks-is a hard thing to find. Sadie seems to be that girl. His feelings for her fun deeper than he cares to admit and for that reason alone, Nicholas is loathe to give Sadie up.
He’s willing to share but he won’t let her go.

Joel openly admits he’s not the relationship kind. Handsome, cocky and supremely single, he’s happy playing the field, avoiding any kind of intimacy. A relationship is the last thing on his mind before he meets Sadie.
Now, a relationship is all he can think of.

So how do three people not interested in a one night stand end up engaging in a night of no-strings-attached sex? How does a one-night-only holiday fling turn into a twisted love affair?


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