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Talking To God About Cancer: Prayers For Patients And Their Loved Ones

by Lonnie Boyd

In hard times we need to talk to God just like we would talk to a friend and trusted adviser. Actually, that is who God is. A cancer diagnosis for a loved one or yourself stirs up thoughts and concerns that can stun and overwhelm. This book provides prayer starters, scriptures and reflections to help the reader find peace, comfort and strength when facing the challenge of cancer. Much of this is drawn from the authors own experience as a 12 year prostate cancer survivor.

The Theory of Consciousness It’s About Time

by Bushy Van Eck

There is a lot about the universe that we are constantly refining as we learn more. This book will introduce you to a new way to view the nature of time, space and energy which is responsible for the manifestation of the present, past and future.
Once you get to understand the simplicity of this theory of how the universe operates you will realize that nothing not even that of the human mind is excluded from the simplicities of these rules.
Therefore, any conscious moment of awareness, no matter how big or small can only be based on a subjective heliocentric model of consciousness which would have to be encapsulated within the boundaries of an objective geocentric model of reality.
The more Time Space and Energy is encapsulated into such a system the larger the delay between that which we get to experience as the conscious moment and that of our physical realities would become.
This new understanding is no different from and based on the exact same principals of how we once believed that we were the center of the universe.
Please keep in mind that once you open up your mind to this new understanding of reality it can never be undone.

The Art of Cupping: Cupping Massage Techniques For Beginners – Discover Amazing Benefits And Healing Techniques With Cupping Therapy

by Courtney Soto

The Art of Cupping (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

Cupping Massage Techniques For Beginners – Discover Amazing Benefits And Healing Techniques With Cupping Therapy

How many times a day do you think about yourself, about the stress you carry along on your shoulder, about the physical pain in the right part of your back? There might be many ailments in your body that you ignore during the long hectic day of work and do not pay attention to the muscles aching from about weeks, is not it?

In this book you will learn about the art of cupping which treats various health problems. Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment that the experts believe in giving to the patients suffering from imbalances in their body and chronic pain in muscles, the therapy cures them all.

Step by step this book will teach you everything you need to know about the cupping therapy.

If you are planning to go for a cupping therapy session or are interested to learn this special art of healing people’s ailments, you are in the right direction. Go through this book and get acquainted with everything you can. This is a learning process; make sure you grasp everything that is required for you to know.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Methods of Cupping
  • Numerous techniques of Cupping
  • Precautions taken during Cupping Therapy
  • Benefits of Cupping Therapy

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