Free historical fiction Kindle books for 26 Aug 17

The Voice Within: Where the past speaks to the present.

by Roger Penfound

Disgraced Journalist Doug Penhallam, has a cynical disregard for anything psychic or inexplicable. When he pays a visit to his ancient ancestral home to research a new book he finds that voices from a violent past are triggered by his presence in the building evoking memories of a tragic love affair during The English Civil War. Meanwhile his son’s relationship with a Muslim girl leads to her abduction and forced appearance before a Sharia court. When she is convicted and faced with a brutal punishment, the journalist discovers that by listening and surrendering to the voices he is able to acquire the insight that leads him on a perilous journey to save the girl.
“I loved how the past linked with events in the present to teach the characters important life lessons. Overall, this book is very hard to put down and entertains from start to end, with a wonderfully satisfying conclusion.” Goodreads review.
“As the journalist take stock of his life, he is drawn into a realm of paranormal and religious conflict which is completely at odds with his previous work ethic. As he fights to save his son’s Muslim girlfriend from religious persecution, his own values undergo fundamental change and lead to a dramatic conclusion. This is a story that will stay in your mind for a long while after you finish reading it.” Amazon review
“When the two narratives begin to connect, we enter a paranormal world which challenges conventional views of who we really are. Definitely recommended.” Amazon review.

Timothy’s Home (Nan’s Heritage Series Book 5)

by Elaine Littau

The old trunk sat unclaimed on the depot platform for more than two decades. John Forrester ‘s decision to use it as an escape vehicle would result in it becoming either an untimely coffin or a way to freedom for his only nephew, Timothy.
“Timothy’s Home”, Book V of The Nan’s Heritage Series, brings the story of the trunk and the people connected to it full circle. New characters blend with beloved ones from the other books in the series giving a window into life of the 1800s in Colorado.
In Elaine Littau’s latest offering, “Timothy’s Home”, she endeavors to keep the story unpredictable as well as developing compelling characters and plot lines. Will Timothy find a place to call ‘home’?

Praise for “Timothy’s Home”:
Author, Elaine Littau proves herself to be a seasoned and skilled storyteller in “Timothy’s Home”, the final installment of the Nan’s Heritage series. Touching, often heart-wrenching, this inspiring novel will make you love her characters and leave a smile on your face long after the last page is read.
Cindy Kelley, screenwriter and co-author of The Silent Gift.

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