Free parenting and families Kindle books for 26 Aug 17

Crazy Ass Parents: Tips for parents living with mental illness

by Jacinta Lane

This handy and sweary guide is for all people who are nutty enough to try parenting while dealing with their own mental illness, written with love from someone who knows. First in a series.

Potty Training: Guide to Keeping the Poo in the Loo

by Taylor West

Potty training can be a tiring chore for parents but it doesn’t have to be that way

Inside this book are the most effective strategies to use so you child can go to the bathroom like a boss

Modules in this book include:

  • Body Language
  • Creating Atmosphere
  • Handling Resistance
  • Wetting/Soiling Accidents
  • Demonstrations

This book will save you hours upon hours of online research with the most tested and proven techniques

This is the ultimate guide for your
child’s bathroom success and keeping the poo in the loo

Autistic Child: Loving and Meeting the Special Needs of Children with Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Special Needs Parenting, Aspergers,)

by Raymond F.P. Morgan

Learn why YOU are the most qualified to care for your child with autism.

Parenting is challenging but throw into the mix the special needs of children with autism and you have your hands full. This book discusses some of the ways we have to “dig deep” to care for our children as well as recommendations for caring for children on the spectrum.

Here’s a preview of what you will learn:

  • Three Common Challenges For Caregivers
  • What Makes Autistic Children Special?
  • What Does This Mean For A Caregiver?
  • Why Are You The Best Advocate For Your Child?
  • How Do You Love Selflessly?
  • How Do You Not Take Difficult Behavior Personally?
  • How Can You Be More Patient When Your Patience Has Run Out?
  • What If You Make A Mistake?
  • Tips For Success

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Air Travel Guide for Children with Intellectual Disability

by Shahram Ariafar

Travel can be upsetting under the most favorable circumstances, yet when you need to consider incapacity, getting from indicate A point B can turn into considerably more disappointing. Carriers know this and do their part to make air go as agreeable and consistent as they can for each traveler.
Air Travel can be challenging for everyone. It can be difficult to cope with the constant waiting, the sheer volume of people in one place, the assault on your sense of smell and the lack of personal space. But if your child has sensory processing difficulties then air travel is not just challenging it can seem insurmountable, frightening and threatening. Additionally put into this equation the actual physical experience of taking off, turbulence and landing then it becomes a real assault on the senses.
How someone with intellectual disabilities copes with a situation like this will depend on where they are on the functioning level, their level of difficulty in processing sensory information and their ability to use coping strategies. Bear in mind that senses can be over-sensitive or under-sensitive or even both at different times. Sensory difficulties can have a profound effect on behavior at any given time. Air travel will target all of the senses: Sight; Sound; Smell; Taste; Touch; Balance and Body Awareness.The success of coping with the challenge of air travel will also depend on the age and ability of the child. You will be able to target some of the foreseeable problems before you start you journey to the airport. Try to think ahead as much as possible to anticipate situations that may cause a great deal of stress. Balance this with what you already know and understand about your child and the strategies that you already use to prevent a meltdown; provide a distraction or help them relax.
Let investigate how this book can settle this and substantially more.

Infidélités, couples en crise : Est-ce qu’il y a une solution ? (French Edition)

by Anthony Bruder

Ce livre essaie d’apporter des réponses à un
problème majeur pour beaucoup de couples : l’infidélité.

La source du problème ne réside pas dans les
personnes elles-mêmes, mais prend plutôt naissance à
partir de plusieurs facteurs.

L’auteur incite à une prise de conscience de ces
facteurs, et de cela on peut surmonter et résoudre le problème.

When I Close My Eyes, There’s Light

by Britiany A. Christian

Which path will you take?

Naomi is a married woman who has been given a second chance. She has everything she could possibly want after living a life of poverty from her first divorce. She has a beautiful home in the country, two small children and a husband who works hard to provide for her.

However, even her new marriage could not relieve the haunting of her brother’s tragic death and that of her mother a short time later. And when her best friends’ devastatingly handsome and charming brother comes in from out of town, Naomi finds her family, her home, and her love for God put on the line.

Will she give in to the temptation of this storm tossed unstable man? Can she keep her life from being destroyed by him? Find out in this fascinating story about deception, the lure of lust and the devastation of unforgiveness in marriage.

When I Close My Eyes There’s Light is based on a true story.

Britiany A. Christian lives with her two adult children in a small town in the heartland of the United States. She has written her first book based on actual events in her own life; with much hope that her painful experiences will help troubled marriages be restored.

Guide to Bringing up Kids: Lessons on Parenting

by Chintan Benegal

Nothing can be as important as our children. They are the future of our families and the world. How they grow up will depend not just on the love parents and family members give them, or how much money is spent on them. What also matters is how everyday situations are tackled. and how informed their parents are.
Yet the pressures of everyday life can make the simplest of situations seem difficult. And adults tend to forget their own childhood. Its trials and its joys. Didn’t you like it when your dad hugged you? Or when your mum encouraged you to paint or study algebra? or when you made new friends?
How do you make a child excel? what is fatherhood? or motherhood? Why does a child fall sick often? Can you raise your child’s IQ?
These are some of the issues that this book aims to discuss. It covers parenting in the most intimate and informed way.

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