Free science fiction Kindle books for 26 Aug 17


by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

Described as “Black Mirror meets the Circle meets 1984” by fans, Numbercaste is a thoughtful, gripping thriller that looks out into an all-too-possible future – a future that’s being built even as you read this.

When Patrick Udo is offered a job at NumberCorp, he packs his bags and leaves for Silicon Valley. After all, the 2030s are a difficult time, and jobs are rare.

Little does he know that he’s joining one of the most ambitious undertakings of his time. NumberCorp is hell-bent on building a new world order – one where everyone’s social circles are quantified, their activities examined, and their importance distilled into the all-powerful Number. A society where everything from your home, to your education, to your job depends on an app that shows exactly how important you are. A utopia of truth and order.

As NumberCorp rises in power and in influence, the questions start coming in. What would you do to build the perfect state? And how far, exactly, is too far?

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