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by Fred Roberts

This books covers all things bass fishing for beginners. Bass fishing is actually more than just a hobby nowadays. Bass (specifically the black bass) is the most popular type of game fish in the US today. Of course, there are a number of different bass species that people generally just call “bass” or even “black bass.” Examples of which include Guadalupe bass, Kentucky bass, spotted bass, small mouth bass, and largemouth bass. I’ll provide comprehensive Bass fish information in the guide.
Bass is fished as a form of recreation simply because they fight back. They’re pretty strong and you get to feel that first hand when you have them in your line
Some people get into bass fishing either for recreation while others are in it for the sport. You can even call it a hobby considering the fact that you really have to purchase proper equipment. This species is pretty difficult to catch if you are ill equipped and if you do not have the right skills.
Read on for more Bass fishing for beginners tips you won’t find in other bass fishing books kindle books.


by Fred Jackson

Never been camping? You’re in for a treat. There is something about sleeping outdoors and spending your days surrounded by nature that makes the human mind relax.
To the beginner, planning a camping trip that will go smoothly can seem daunting. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it looks! You’ll quickly get a feel for what is needed when sleeping outdoors, but to ensure that your first trip goes well, this book will give you all the hints and tips you need.
In this camping tips book we’ll be looking at Campsite Camping.
Campsite Camping, Glamping and Wild Camping
Setting up your tent in an organized campground is definitely the way to go for your first night out. You’ll be far more comfortable and can ease into the experience, as opposed to wild camping. You will have access to a few amenities while still enjoying the outdoor experience.
Glamping is essentially luxury camping and usually involves oversized tents or even trailers and all the comforts of home. Electronics and cooking gear are brought along. Some people even have entire outdoor kitchens! This type of camping is definitely not roughing it.
Wild Camping
While you probably won’t be eating grubs to stay alive, this type of camping is certainly more basic than the other two types. You will be hiking to find the perfect camping spot, clearing your own space and setting up a shelter or even building your own. There are no cushy toilets or fresh running water out in the middle of nowhere and you’ll be carrying everything in on your back.
While all of these are valid camping choices, most people do best with a nice campground to start out in. It gets your outdoor life off to a good start and lets you experience the best of camping.

Gunslingers and Speed Demons â?? A History Of Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks 1919 to 2016 Omnibus

by Stanton Greene

Who needs another book about the Green Bay Packers? Hasn’t everything worth saying already been said? If you want detailed histories, they’re out there, jam packed with amusing anecdotes and excruciating detail of every fumble, stumble and touchdown in the history of the team. The glory and the infamy, the fame and the folly, it’s all been said a hundred times. But in all those books, no one has ever focused exclusively on the one aspect of this fabled team that shaped the course of NFL history more than any other franchise, the passing game.
While other teams were sending Bronko Nagurski up the middle for three yards and a cloud of dust, Curly Lambeau was plotting how to get the ball downfield by doing the unthinkable, throwing it. His tailback Arnie Herber was the first to pass for a 1,000 yards in a season and Cecil Isbell the first to break 2,000. Lambeau effectively created the wide receiver position when he split Don Hutson out wide and sent him downfield on a fly pattern in 1935. In the process, Lambeau won six championships in sixteen years.
Bart Starr won five more championships in the sixties quarterbacking Vince Lombardi’s legendary teams, the last three championships riding more on Bart’s arm than the fabled running game. Since 1992, the Packers have continuously fielded two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history in Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Stretching back half a century to include Starr, Green Bay’s dominance at the position has been astonishing.
This level of excellence at football’s most critical position extends even further into the early history of professional football. Before the creation of the T-formation and modern evolution of quarterbacking took place, the Packers fielded Charlie Mathys and Red Dunn behind center during the 1920s. Even during the lean years of the fifties, they had Tobin Rote and the two decades between Starr and Favre featured the legendary strong armed quarterbacking of Lynn Dickey and Don “Majic Man” Majkowski.
This is their story, in accomplishments on the field, in statistics and victories, with a sketch of their personal stories and a reference guide for football researchers. They’re all here, including Charlie Brackett, one of the first African-American quarterbacks in the modern NFL, Zeke Bratkowski, the ultimate relief pitcher who backed up Starr, Scott Hunter, who won a division championship while passing for only six TDs, John Hadl, whose trade lives on in Packer legend as a day of infamy, Carlos Brown, who would change his name to Alan Autry and find fame in Hollywood and many more, the good, the bad and the ugly. Every field general and fool who led the Packers from 1919 to 2016 is here.
This book is a celebration of that tradition and a tribute to the amazing men and athletes who made the Green Bay Packers a football power and passing leader over the last century. They’re all here, every Packer passer from Curly Lambeau to Aaron Rodgers and receiver from Johnny Blood to Jordy Nelson. So sit back and come along on an amazing journey that began nearly a hundred years ago. You’ll get all the numbers and personalities and the excitement season by season.
The history is here and the stats to back it up. It’s designed as a fast, fun read, a jog through Packers history on the lightning feet of Hutson, Howton, Dowler, Lofton and a legion of fleet footed speed demons aided and abetted by a cocky bunch of gunslinger who started out wearing leather helmets and ended up as modern day rock stars in cleats.

Note: This is the Omnibus collection combining both Gunslingers and Speed Demons – A History Of Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks Vol 1 – 1919 to 1969 and Vol 2 – 1970 to 2016 in one low priced edition.

Stanton Greene is the author of Lombardi’s Men, A Biography Of Every Green Bay Packer From 1959 To 1967, The Green Bay Packers – Dan Devine Years 1971-1974 and Brett Favre – Hall Of Fame, also available on Amazon Kindle & Paperback.

Mind Gym: The Best Exercises to Aid True Athletes

by Vance Avery

A list of the best stretching, strength, endurance, agility, and balance exercises!

Let’s get practical and discuss some of the things every true athlete can do to boost his or her performance. This guide is a great addition to the regular sports you play, the mindset you developed, and the strong will you have acquired to become a powerful athlete. You will read, among others, about:

Different muscle groups and the importance of calories, exercising, and stretching.

General training tips everyone should know.

Healthy ways to exercise the right way.

Specific exercises that point out how to stretch, or to increase your endurance or agility.

The best stretches, aerobics, and yoga exercises anyone can do.

Visualization, attitude, and other mental tools you need to accomplish the best results.

Proper ways to smooth off your training habits and perfect them to the core.

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Boat Racing The Amazing Sport of The World: photo book of boat racing for your relaxation

by Vanessa Williams

104 images for the variety of Boat racing around the world that you may enjoy.
Also suitable for children learning and education.
Life and nature that you will never miss.
Have fun with full-size images and full color.

Working In The Northwest Woods

by Dennis Willard

In this first-hand account of a decade spent in the outdoors in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, we are taken on a tour of life inside the United States Forest Service when, as a first year seasonal, a young man who has spent his life in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri is transported to the Cascades. Follow him as he learns his way around the rugged terrain of the big timber country. From personal narrative of his initial experiences to gripping accounts of encounters with wild weather, wild fire and wildlife, the author takes you on a journey into the backcountry.
Read about being face to face with bears, dodging lightning bolts and being surrounded by wildfire. These are stories telling of a life that is growing harder and harder to find in our mechanized and technological world. This book is a terrific summary of what it is really like to live your life on the outside.

Cyber War Survival Guide: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide On How The Average American Need To Prepare For A Large Scale Cyberwar In the United States

by Ronald Williams

All superpowers collapse eventually. What will cause America to crumble?

Many people believe it will be an EMP attack, a major natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or an economic collapse.
Any of those may happen, but one of the most overlooked and yet significant threats facing the United States today is the threat of a cyber-attack or all out cyberwarfare.

The good news is that you can be prepared for a cyber-attack by learning about the basic steps you need to take right now.
The United States of America is extremely vulnerable to cyber warfare. The reason why is because we are completely dependent on electronic information.

Your entire life is tied directly to the cyber world.

Just think if the following were to happen:

-You can no longer access your money in the bank
-Your entire savings and checking account gets wiped out
-No more heat or running water being supplied to your home
-You can no longer refuel your vehicle
-The stock market collapses, creating a second Great Depression

Each of these calamities and more are what can and will happen if a major cyber-attack ever occurs on the United States.
America is also hugely unprepared for a cyber-attack.

For those who do not own a generator, there will be no light, no refrigeration, no running water, and no sewage. Think about that.

The devices that you rely on everyday will go dark. The banks will no longer function. Looting will envelop America. Law and order will be thrown out the window. Martial law may even be thrown out the window.

In this book we are going to over five specific steps on how you can prepare yourself for cyberwarfare.

The steps that we will cover are:

1.What is cyberwarfare?
2.How is cyberwarfare a threat to society and the United States?
3.How will cyberwarfare directly impact the life of the average everyday American?
4.Steps You Need To Take To Prepare For A Cyberattack
5.Steps You Need to Take During A Cyberattack

By the end of this book, you will understand what a cyber-attack is, why it’s a threat, how it affects you, and how you need to prepare for it.

The Best Places for Fishing in Africa (Extended edition): Fishing and traveling around the world

by William B. Simpson

The Best Places for Fishing in Africa
(Extended edition)

Fishing and traveling around the world

This is an extended edition of the book about fishing in Africa. It added materials about fishing in the Congo.
From this book you will learn about amazing places for fishing in South Africa, Kenya and Tunisia. You will learn about the best places for fishing on the unique coasts from Egypt to Namibia.
It is perfect for both professionals and beginners.

Fishing in South Africa
Fishing in Kenya
Fishing in Tunisia
Fishing in Egypt
Fishing in Namibia
Fishing in Congo

For many, fishing is a favorite activity. In any country, in any age, people went fishing … they go … and they will go … And nothing will change here … It will be forever, as long as there are ponds and fish in them.
Many lovers of fishing are not indifferent to all its features and nuances. Therefore, anglers more and more often want to go to the most unusual places, so as not only to fish, but to get from this process an unforgettable experience……

James Cook: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

James Cook

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The association of the name James Cook with ideas of seafaring adventure and discovery is truly an indelible one. Even if you do not know the details of this extraordinary man’s life, you can probably avow that he left a unique stamp on history.
In this book, we will explore the life of James Cook from his birth in 1728 in a humble Yorkshire village all the way to his death on the newly discovered Sandwich Islandsâ??today known as Hawaiiâ??in 1779. You will gain insight into the character of this famous yet markedly private man, and explore the factors that might have contributed to this tragic downfall.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Cook’s Early Days and Journey to North America
â?? Cook’s First Great Voyage: The Endeavour (1768-1771)
â?? Cook’s Second Voyage: The Resolution (1772-1775)
â?? Cook’s Third Voyage (1776-1779)
â?? The Legacy of James Cook
And much more!

James Cook’s legacy is by no means without controversy. While gifted, he was a complex and imperfect character. This book will immerse you in his life and help you imagine his adventures at sea in the eighteenth century.

campagna giapponese, vista sul mare e montagna part.4 (Italian Edition)

by country scenery

“Un libro che raccoglie il paesaggio paese del Giappone.
Sarebbe divertente di andare in campagna che è ottimale per evitare la congestione e avere un momento di relax.”

Japansk landskap, utsikt over havet og fjellene part.4 (Norwegian Edition)

by country scenery

Een boek dat het land landschap van Japan verzamelt.

Campo japonês, vista para o mar e montanhas part.4 (Portuguese Edition)

by country scenery

“Um livro que reúne a paisagem country do Japão.
Seria divertido para sair para o campo que é ideal para evitar o congestionamento e ter um tempo relaxante.”

Alles was stark macht (oder auch nicht): Supplemente und Doping im Bodybuilding (German Edition)

by Wilfried Dubbels

Jeder ehrgeizige Bodybuilder, der sich hohe Ziele setzt, kommt um eine spezielle Sporternährung mit Supplementen als Ergänzung für den Muskelaufbau nicht herum. Aber der Einsatz von Supplementen im Bodybuilding ist von Glaubensbekenntnissen, Mythen und Trends geprägt wie in keiner anderen Sportart. Die Supplement-Branche lebt von den Wunschvorstellungen und Träumen der Konsumenten. Produkte, die bei den Verbrauchern Hoffnungen wecken, DAS Wundermittel entdeckt zu haben, tauchen immer wieder auf, und verschwinden dann wieder ganz schnell von der Bildfläche. Eine noch grö�ere Gefahr für den Verbraucher stellen jedoch anabol wirkende Arzneistoffe dar, die häufig unter dem Deckmantel eines Supplementes angeboten werden. Diese Produkte werden vermehrt im Internet und in der einschlägigen Literatur angepriesen, und belasten nicht nur Ihren Geldbeutel, sondern auch Ihre Gesundheit.
Der Autor ist Apotheker und ehemaliger Wettkampfbodybuilder und gibt mit dem Buch seine Erkenntnisse auf der Suche nach leistungssteigernden Substanzen weiter. Der Leser erfährt, wer von welchen Substanzen profitiert, welche Supplemente wirkungslos sind und von welchen Supplementen bzw. Arzneistoffen er unbedingt die Finger lassen sollte. Die bearbeitete 2. Auflage wurde aktualisiert und mit neu entdeckten Substanzen ergänzt.

Capricious breeze 2

by Comfortable wind

Various views of Japan.
Scenery washable every seasons.
It introduces popular beautiful places as well as famous tourist destinations.

Prepper Off the Grid for Beginners: Wilderness Survival Skills, Foods To Eat, And Items To Carry To Survive When SHTF And Society Collapses!

by John Wilkins

Read this SHTF survival off the grid guide and discover…

* How to preserve water.

* The first survival skill you should learn.

* 3 fire starting methods you should learn.

* How to find drinkable water in the wilderness.

* How to build a wilderness shelter to protect yourself from the sun, cold, wind, rain, or snow.

* The best emergency foods.

* The cheap food that can replace bread and even be used to make sandwiches.

* The high energy prepper snacks that are healthy and convenient to eat.

* Healthy and filling portable snacks that can store for six months or more.

* The collection of items you must carry with you every day.

…and many more prepper off the grid secrets!

Impress Him With Your Football Knowledge

by Raykel Tolson

A guide for the woman who wants to know more about the game of football to impress the man in her life or to attract the man of her dreams.

Delta View

by David Allen Aultman

In 1979, a convict serving time for robbery, Marion Albert “Mad Dog” Pruett, was placed in the witness protection program for testifying against an inmate for a murder that Pruett himself later admitted to committing. In 1981, as part of a week-long crime spree, Pruett kidnapped a bank teller in Jackson, MS. Forcing the teller to drive to a rural area and then walking her into a heavily wooded area, he killed her by shooting her.
This terrible event made the author wonder what might have happened if a skilled hunter had been in a position to intervene when “Mad Dog” followed his victim into the woods. The setting for the story was inspired by the author’s own experience of encountering an Indian mound while hunting near the ruins of a Civil War plantation.
The resulting fictional story begins with the Natchez Indians in the 1700’s and ties the earthen mound of those people with the kudzu covered ruins of a Civil War mansion and family cemetery. The Indian mound is the hub of the story, connecting the deaths of an Indian princess and a plantation owner’s wife and daughter to the modern day victims of a serial killer who are young, female dancers at a Delta strip club. Secrets of the Indian mound and cemetery are revealed.
Bush pilot and sometimes covert operator, Deke Desmarais, must solve the murder mystery by first solving a 152 year old riddle and then tricking his suspect into a confrontation that includes wild hogs in an underground environment. Deke becomes involved with multiple love interests and at one point is forced to protect his young and attractive half-Indian daughter, Nikki, in a life-or-death situation.

Bodybuilding Nutrition: 101 Muscle-Building Recipes For an Effective Bodybuilding Diet: Includes Protein Bar Recipes, Protein Shakes and Snacks

by Barry Richardson

A lot of people will assume that exercise is the only solution to building muscle mass. However, this is where they fail a lot of the time. Exercise naturally does play a major role but so does nutrition. In my e-book, “Bodybuilding Nutrition: 101 Muscle-Building Recipes for an Effective Bodybuilding Diet”, you will find recipes for tasty meals, snacks, shakes and protein bars that you can easily prepare for your bodybuilding diet.

FREE BONUS: Inside the e-book is a link to a 17-page e-book: “Your Guide to Bodybuilding Success” – this covers exercise selection, nutrition secrets, supplementation and, most importantly, how to naturally increase your testosterone level for maximum muscle growth – my free gift to you.

You will find a wide range of dishes, from salads to soups, fish dishes, chicken, red meat dishes and desserts – definitely the kind of recipes that would make you feel good before and after a tiring day or working out. You’ll even be able to make your own homemade protein bars – a bodybuilding favorite.

All the recipe titles are hyper-linked to the Table of Contents so it’s easy to navigate to different parts of the e-book.

These bodybuilding recipes will not only make you feel satisfied but, more importantly, help you build that muscle mass you’ve been long dreaming of!

Tren de vida (Spanish Edition)

by jesus muñoz alkonada

Un joven cualquiera decide hacer un viaje a ninguna parte para ver que puede pasar cuando es el destino que quien lleva el timon de los acontecimientos y sucede que……..

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